Taking the idea of passion and combining it with purpose, Tracy Komlos began her journey as an entrepreneur offering brands content creation in beautiful destinations. By capturing content during her travels, her own online brand continued to grow. Soon she was being asked by hundreds of women from around the world how she was able to sustain her travels while growing her business, and from there the Pangea Dreams retreats were born.

Pangea Dreams hosts retreats for other creative and entrepreneurial women to share the tools and skills they need to succeed in the digital world, whether that's brand collaborations, photography, social media marketing or e-commerce, through retreats in beautiful locations. The retreats are hosted by Tracy, as well as other industry experts in the influencer marketing, photography and wellness space. During the retreats, Pangea Dreams’ guests learn valuable skills, collaborate with global brands, explore new corners of the world, and also have a chance to give back through local volunteering opportunities.

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LAUREN PELKEY Retreat & Community Coordinator

Lauren is an alumna of the first-ever Pangea Dreams Retreat in February 2017 and has since become a full time blogger and digital nomad. She is a Massachusetts native but has lived in Rome, Melbourne, and now calls Bogotá, Colombia home for half the year. Her love for solo travel blossomed after a 10-month solo trip through Australia and Southeast Asia which resulted in her blog, Wanderluluu. Through her blog, she hopes to inspire women to take at least one solo trip in their lifetime in order to experience the personal growth and self-awareness it often yields.

If she’s not zip-lining through the jungle, climbing an active volcano or on the hunt for the best local street art and street food, Lauren is most likely writing, working on social media initiatives, and connecting with other travelers. She’s extremely passionate about collaboration and community, and loves bringing those passions to the Pangea Dreams Team as the Retreat & Community Coordinator.

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LISA STENTVEDT Content Manager

Lisa is an alumna of the March 2018 Bali Retreat, which was conveniently scheduled only 2 months after she left her 9-5 to become a full-time travel blogger and content creator! She was born and raised by the fjords of Norway, and fell in love with the English language at a young age. This inspired her to pursue a life filled with new experiences to write about, and she now travels the world sharing her adventures on her blog, Fjords and Beaches

You'll most likely find Lisa somewhere tropical, sipping on a glass of wine with her toes in the sand and her MacBook on her lap. She is passionate about travel, female empowerment, and painting pictures through the written word, and is able to combine these passions with her skills in writing and email marketing as the Content Manager at Pangea Dreams.


CARLY NOGAWSKI Retreat Trip Leader

Carly is an LA-based travel blogger and Pangea Dreams Retreat Alumni who turned her travel lifestyle into a career after completing her first Pangea Dreams retreat! When she’s not on the move creating content for brands or her Instagram, she’s teaching herself new photography skills or out exploring in nature. As a former kindergarten aide, she loves bringing together her two passions of travel and teaching while leading the Pangea Dreams Retreats!