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Why did you decide to join us on a retreat? What excited you most about the retreat?

I was following Tracy on Instagram already for a while and adoring her pictures and content. On a cold winter evening at home I found out about the blogger retreat to Bali. Bali had been on my bucket list already for a really long time. Combining a trip to this island with meeting a group of bloggers, taking pictures, learning from each other,.. it all just seemed perfect. I applied, not that I believed I would make any chance to join this retreat. I was a small blogger from Belgium and didn’t think they would be interested in having me on this retreat. But … one morning, I woke up in my dorm (while I was traveling around in Central-America) and checked my email. I saw there was one from Tracy with the subject ‘you are going to Bali’. Oh my god, I couldn’t believe this was real. I was selected to be part of her blogger retreat and would travel to Bali in February to meet her and the other bloggers and work there together. I was just so excited about everything: meeting one of my big examples on Instagram, learning how to create great content, shooting pictures, meeting a lot of new people and finally be able to visit Bali.

What top 3 things did you learn while on the retreat?

1. First of all I learned that it does matter what I want to tell, have to show to the w orld. That every person has it’s unique style and that it’s important to discover your own voice and niche.
2. Networking!
3. How to take great pictures and learn how to strike a pose.

What was the highlight from your trip?

All together we went to hike the Mount Batur at night, an amazing experience which left me speechless. Seeing sunrise from the top of this mountain, eating bananas and eggs steamed from the volcano and being surrounded by monkeys was just perfect.

At the end of the day we went to the Holy Spring Water Temple where you get in the water with a sarong and pray at each fountain. A rewarding spiritual experience.

How was your blog or Instagram grown since the retreat?

I got a lot more followers, thanks to all the practical information I got during the retreat and the stunning pictures Tracy took of us. We defined our niche, so we could work more goal oriented and create a feed which tells the story we want to share.

Which workshop was your favorite and why?

I loved the workshop we had with Kat Gaskin. We got ‘the content planner’ and learned how to work with it. This really helped me to plan my posts and be more focused on my goals. You’re free to customize your planner and write down everything which needs to be done, day by day, month by month. You can brainstorm about next posts, ideas and goals. She also gave us lots of other information about creating content and editing pictures. I just loved it!

Would you recommend the retreat to a friend or someone who’s interested in joining us on a retreat?

I definitely would! I’m sure these retreats can help you so much. Not only your social media pages will grow, but also you will grow as a person. Define what you want in life, what your work goals are and be more dedicated to reach them. It’s just a great experience which you will cherish forever. I’m definitely planning to go on a new blogger retreat, can’t wait to learn more and be surrounded with likeminded and motivated people again. Maybe we can meet there, would be great! 


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