GREECE Retreat

• Amorgos Island 

Week 1: April 18 to April 24, 2019

Week 2: April 25 to May 1, 2019

About the retreat

Who’s ready to experience life on a Greek island, surrounded by the sparkling Mediterranean? We know we are, and we’re so excited to launch our first ever Retreat in Greece!! We are heading to the beautiful Amorgos Island, where you’ll get to live out your Mamma Mia dreams while learning targeted strategies for digital growth and building a brand. Think stunning secret beaches, crystal clear water, and breathtaking cliff sides speckled in white & blue. This virtually untouched Grecian paradise is home to centuries-old traditions and we can’t wait to discover all that it has to offer! Join us for an unforgettable Retreat in Amorgos Island Greece!


  • Dates: 
    WEEK 1: APRIL 18 – APRIL 24, 2019 |
    WEEK 2: APRIL 25 – MAY 1, 2019
  • Retreat Duration: 7 Days, 6 Nights
  • Group Size: 12 total
  • Accommodation : 5-star hotel in Amorgos
  • Meals: Daily Healthy Greek food made with local ingredients, mostly vegetarian
  • Hosts: Tracy Komlos, Lauren Pelkey, Sam Katz
  • Price: $3500 USD

Amorgos, Greece Retreat

Who is the retreat for?

Our retreats are for female creatives, entrepreneurs, small business owners, bloggers or any woman looking to find passion and purpose.

We teach workshops on personal branding, photography, Lightroom editing, blogging strategies, Instagram growth and more, with an additional focus on women empowerment, self love and overall wellness. Not sure if it’s right for you? Check out our alumni page to see some of the women who have already joined us! You’ll see that they are of all ages, come from all over the world, and are in different niches! The retreat is for you if you are an eager-to-learn, open-minded individual prepared to travel the world and connect with other like-minded female creatives from all over the globe. It is especially for you if you are ready to live the life of your dreams and join a global sisterhood of over 140 women! If this sounds like you; then welcome to the best week of your life!


Aegialis Hotel & Spa

Located in a quiet bay situated between two sandy beaches, Aegialis Hotel & Spa offers luxurious 5-star accommodations with amazing views of the Aegean sea and the Aegiali beach from every room. With an organic garden on-site, Aegialis Hotel & Spa produces the freshest vegetables, fruits and herbs possible, and serves exceptional Aegean cuisine for their guests. 

They are proud supporters of the “Trees For Greece” initiative with the aim of reforestation and recultivation of unused or desecrated land, to protect against further soil degradation and to restore historically and ecologically valuable cultural landscapes. 

To see more of this beautiful property, check out this video.

Amorgos, Greece Retreat

Amorgos, Greece Retreat


Incredible Greek food the entire week.

Made with ingredients so local that most of them are grown on site! We’ll be nourishing our bodies with incredible Greek food the entire week. Meals will be healthy, mostly plant based with the option of eggs, fish, and some dairy. We offer mostly vegan & vegetarian healthy food, and we are able to accommodate most dietary requirements.

What will be served: 

  • 6 breakfasts

  • 4 lunches

  • 4 dinners


The list of activities we’ll be covering.

  • Explore the local beaches of the island
  • Wander through the picturesque streets of Chora
  • Visit the famous cliffside monastery (Moni Panagias Chozoviotissas)
  • Visit the famous Agia Anna beach
  • Experience Amorgos Island from the sea on a 1.5 hour boat trip (add-on experience)
  • Opportunity to taste authentic Greek cuisine

Amorgos, Greece Retreat

Our workshops

Branding & Finding Your Niche

Your brand can have a great logo, all the hip pantone colors, and a flowy, playful font, but if you don’t know who you’re creating it for, then it’s all for nothing. Aesthetics are just one part of the branding process, and in this workshop we’ll help you get clear on the rest. Discover your target audience, hone your brand voice, and find your niche in the crowd, so you can communicate effectively and make an impactful, profitable splash with your business or personal brand.

Search Engine Optimization

You’re out here creating the best of the best content in your space, and it feels like your bestie and your mom are the only ones reading it. Are we getting warmer? SEO might be the most mysterious content strategy of them all, and we’re here to remove the smoke and mirrors for good. We’ll guide you through all the steps to creating blog posts and web content that will catch Google’s eye, and teach you an SEO strategy that becomes second nature.

Content Strategy & Calendar

The key to thriving in a content rich world is to learn the processes that keep you relevant, but won’t burn you out. We’ll teach the latest tools to help you edit photos, schedule, and automate your online presence, so you can focus on that authentic engagement.

Instagram Strategy

A constantly changing platform needs a dynamic strategy, and we bring the most up-to-date tactics for our Instagram workshop. The perpetual changes to the Instagram algorithm may get you down sometimes, but we’ll show you how to use Instagram to engage with, grow, and inspire your niche audience. Discover the tactics that work for influencers in 2019, and tailor them to your social media strategy.


A crash course in photography that will leave you feeling inspired to create. You’ll learn from industry leaders who have honed their experience into practical steps to help you stand out online. From the technical (Aperture, Shutterspeed, etc) to the aesthetic (framing the shot, lighting, etc), you’ll learn how to establish a photography style that speaks the language of your brand. You don’t need any prior experience and we’ll teach you with the gear you already have, so you can start taking pictures that you’re dying to show off!

Photo Editing with Lightroom

Step two of creating that perfect brand imagery and inspiring, Instagrammable, moment happens in post production. You may think Lightroom is only for “professionals”, but that’s you now, and we’re going to show you exactly how to establish an editing style for your brand. Your feed will never be the same!

How to Collaborate With Brands & grow your revenue

Brands know the importance of the influencer, and even the micro-influencer. Now that you’ve established your brand, nailed your content, and have the imagery to captivate, it’s time to leverage your efforts. We’ll teach you how to monetize your channels by pitching brands that align with your message. This includes exact email templates to land free product, press passes to events and trips, and even complimentary travel and hotel stays.

Passive and Active Income Strategies

It is said that successful entrepreneurs have at least 7 different revenue streams. In this workshop we will go through out of the box ways to make money in the industry, both actively and passively so you can start to think of ways to grow your business beyond one single stream of revenue!

Your Expert Mentors

All workshops are taught by industry experts in the field who have actively applied the skills they teach in their own businesses. From professional photographers, content creators and bloggers to entrepreneurs, these women are here to  teach you all they’ve learned along the way, and to show you that it is possible!

Tracy Komlos


Taking the idea of passion and combining it with purpose, Tracy Komlos, began her journey as an entrepreneur offering brands content creation in the beautiful destinations. By capturing content during her travels, her own online brand continued to grow. Soon she was being asked by hundreds of women around the world how she was able to sustain her travels while growing her own business, and from there the Pangea Dreams retreats were was born.

Lauren Pelkey


Lauren is the founder of solo travel blog, the Pangea Dreams Retreat & Community Manager, and is also a Retreat Alumna! Though born & raised in Massachusetts, she spends half the year in Colombia and now specializes in Colombia travel. She can’t wait to share her knowledge on SEO and blogging strategies and is so excited to welcome all the new ladies into the Pangea Dreams global sisterhood!

Sam Katz


Argentina born and Canada living, Samanta is a full time photographer and traveler with 7 years experience in the business and 51 countries under her belt. She brings her experience in commercial, fashion, and portraiture photography as a business owner and as an artist. Sam is our Creative Director and Lead Photographer!

Sample Itinerary

Day 1: WELCOME DAY: Women will be arriving at 1:10am from the ferry the night before and will have a ride waiting for them at the port! You will then be checked into your room and will have the opportunity to rest all night/day if you’d like! Breakfast will be available but it’s fine if you want to sleep through it if you’re tired from the journey! We’ll have our welcome circle after breakfast but will give you the entire afternoon to relax, unpack, and rest!  We’ll have our first group dinner together.

Day 2: WORKSHOP DAY: We’ll start the day with morning yoga/movement followed by gratitude & intention setting as a group. We’ll then have group breakfast and dive into workshops all day – breaking for lunch. We’ll end the night with a delicious group dinner!

Day 3: WORKSHOP DAY: We’ll start the day with morning yoga/movement followed by gratitude & intention setting as a group. We’ll then have group breakfast and dive into workshops all day – breaking for lunch. After the final workshop of the day there will be plenty of free time for content creation, photo editing, writing or exploring the beautiful property that we’re staying at! We’ll get together for group dinner and then gather for a women’s circle to end the night.

Day 4: EXPLORE DAY: After breakfast and gratitude as a group, we will head out for a group hike: Circular route Aegiali Hike – Tholaria village – Langada village with plenty of opportunities for content creation! After the 3-4 hour hike we’ll return back to the hotel for lunch and head out again to the local beaches, just a 10 min walk! We’ll explore and watch the sunset over the Aegean Sea. We’ll then head back to the hotel for group dinner.

Day 5: WORKSHOP DAY: We’ll start the day with morning yoga/movement followed by gratitude & intention setting as a group. We’ll then have group breakfast and dive into workshops all day – breaking for lunch. After lunch, there will be 5 hours of free time to explore, write, edit photos, create content & collaborate. We’ll get together for group dinner and then gather for a women’s circle to end the night.

Day 6: EXPLORE DAY: After breakfast and gratitude as a group, we will head out to explore the other side of the island including Chora & Katapola! We’ll wander through the picturesque streets of Chora, explore the famous cliffside monastery (Moni Panagias Chozoviotissas) and check out famous Agia Anna beach. We’ll then head back to the hotel where everyone will gather for the last dinner together as a group.

Day 7: FAREWELL DAY: 6am ferry The ferry back to Athens leaves at 6am sharp, so it will be an early morning for sure! Most women will be leaving on this ferry but others will be staying for a couple extra days on their own.

What’s Included



6 nights/ 7 days accommodations


6 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 6 dinners


4 morning movement/yoga sessions


Daily gratitude practice


6 workshops taught by industry experts


A professional photographer on site throughout the retreat


All transportation while on the retreat


Transfers to and from the ferry port


Access to Private Facebook Group



Lunch out while exploring the island


1.5 hour boat trip (add on experience $65 USD)


Spa services at the hotel


Flights to and from the location


Transfers to and from the airport


Personal Travel Insurance


USD $3500


What is Pangea Dreams & Who are the Retreats for?

Pangea Dreams specializes in empowering educational retreats for women creatives, entrepreneurs, small business owners, bloggers and more in beautiful destinations around the world. We teach women the skills and strategies needed to succeed in the digital world. During our 7-day retreats, we run workshops on topics like; personal branding, photography, social media growth, women empowerment, wellness and so much more. We have successfully hosted dozens of retreats since 2017, and now have over 135 women in our alumni community from over 25 different countries. If you are looking to meet and connect with like-minded women from across the globe, learn new skills, all the while exploring a beautiful destination  - this retreat is most definitely for you!

Do I need to have a blog or Instagram to join a retreat?

No! Our retreats are not just for bloggers or influencers, but are for women creatives, entrepreneurs, small business owners or any woman looking to turn their passion into purpose.

Do you cater for dietary requirements?

Yes! We can accommodate most diets, allergies and dietary restrictions, just make sure to let us know. We work hard to serve very healthy, clean and local produce while on the retreat. The food served is predominantly plant based but if you require a protein heavy diet we are usually able to accommodate. Prior to the retreat we will have you fill out a “Pre-Arrival Form” where you can indicate your specific needs.

What do I need to bring?

  • An open mind, positive attitude, and an eagerness to learn!
  • Camera (if you have one) and any other equipment you'd like to use
  • External Hard-drive (big enough for storing photos). THIS IS MANDATORY for photo sharing & storing.
  • Laptop (not required, but is helpful to have to transfer photos, follow along for specific workshops etc)
  • A pen (to take notes during the workshops)
  • Sunscreen
  • Bugspray
  • Comfortable active wear for morning yoga/movement
  • Sneakers for any walking/hikes we may be doing
  • Sandals/ Flip-flops & any shoes you like to wear (We would not recommend bringing heals for anything, but if you like to wear them feel free to bring them!)
  • Cute clothing and accessories that you will want to shoot in! (there are many opportunities for photoshoots & content creation!)
  • Make sure to have the proper plug adapters depending on the retreat location

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes we require each participant to purchase travel insurance on their own. This is in order that you are insured should unforeseen complications occur like severe weather or medical emergencies. You may automatically through your credit card, but we recommend World Nomad. Please make sure to research travel insurance companies on your own to make sure that it suits your needs and coverage requirements.

Where Can I read your terms & conditions?

You can read our T&Cs here.

Do you have videos from past trips?

Yes! You can watch our recent video from the Bali Retreat here.

Where Can I find Testimonials?

You can find testimonials from many of our 135+ alumni here!

Are your retreats all about taking photos?

Although there is a heavy focus on photography and content creation, our retreats are about so much more than beautiful photos.

We focus on:

  • EDUCATION: by offering 7+ workshops on each retreat.
  • WELLNESS: by starting each morning with yoga or morning meditation, gratitude, and intention setting.
  • TRAVEL: by including multiple opportunities to explore the beautiful destinations & cultures that we visit.
  • COMMUNITY: by providing a nurturing and inclusive learning environment for like-minded women from all backgrounds to come together and learn, collaborate, and explore together.

What is the average group size?

This depends on the destination, but we typically have anywhere from 10-20 women on each retreat, including 2-4 retreat hosts.

What is the group age range?

We welcome women of all ages 18+ to join us on the retreats and have had women in their early twenties to late forties. We believe that age is but a number and you can learn and go after your dreams no matter what age or stage of life you are in.

What is included on a retreat?

  • Accommodation - 6 nights 7 days in luxury, boutique, or eco-style accommodations depending on the destination
  • Daily Meals - 6 Breakfast, 5 lunches, 6 dinners
  • Workshop - 6+ workshops offered on each retreat tackling subjects in digital entrepreneurship
  • Photoshoots and many opportunities for content creation
  • 1-on-1 consulting with retreat hosts
  • Transportation while on the retreat
  • Professional photos shot by our team
  • Yoga and/or Morning movement - 3+ days per retreat
  • Daily housekeeping
  • WiFi
  • An exciting goodie bag - this varies retreat to retreat
  • Access to an our exclusive Facebook network of Pangea Dreams Retreat Alumni
  • ... and more! For specifics, see each individual retreat!

What is NOT included on a retreat?

  • Flights
  • Visas + Entry/Exit fees
  • Add-on excursions (location based)
  • Alcohol
  • Travel insurance

What does the rooming situation look like?

All accommodations are double occupancy unless otherwise specified. Many accommodations are either a shared Queen or King size bed with your roomie or two single beds depending on the location. If you are joining our retreats with a friend, please let us know in advance so we can ensure to accommodate you according to preference.

How long is each retreat?

Each of our retreats are 7 days, 6 nights.

What does a day on the retreat look like?

Our itinerary is broken into workshop days and explore days so that we can take advantage of both learning and exploring! On workshop days, we start each morning with yoga or morning movement followed by gratitude and intention setting where we share as a group. 

We then gather for a delicious group breakfast and jump right into workshops on topics ranging from photography to Instagram growth, before we all have lunch together. After lunch we will continue with another workshop, host one-on-ones with the retreat hosts, and then take advantage of free time to explore the local area, have a group photoshoot or edit photos, write in our journal or connect with your fellow Pangea ladies. 

We end the day with a group dinner, and the evenings are free time/relaxation (although they usually end with the girls brainstorming and chatting about everything they have learned that day)! 

On explore days we head out to explore the beautiful destinations and local cultures that we visit! This could be exploring the Tegalalang Rice Terraces in Bali, The Salt Mines in Peru, Hiking along the coast in Amorgos Island Greece, or wandering the vibrant streets of Sayulita in Mexico.

What will I take away from a Pangea Dreams Retreat?

You'll leave the retreat with incredible memories, new friendships and connections, loads of professional photos for your own use, new and extensive knowledge in photography, branding and social media, and so much more!

Most importantly, you will leave with a new sense of self and confidence, like one of our alumni said in her recap of the retreat: "Thanks to this new-found confidence, I have already landed two collaborations with luxury villas in Thailand in just a few short weeks!"

How many followers do the women on the retreat usually have?

It doesn’t matter whether you have 100 or 100k followers. Girls have participated on the retreats with as little as 0 followers (meaning, NO Instagram account!) and up to 30k+ followers! Seriously, we mean it when we say that your followers don’t matter.

When should I aim to arrive and depart for a retreat?

We ask that you aim to be at the retreat property on day 1 anytime before 4pm, if possible. Before the retreat we'll make sure to get your arrival time from you so we know when to expect everyone.

You can leave anytime on day 7 (the last day), although hotel check out will usually be around 11am.

Why is it only for women?

Pangea Dreams is created by women, for women, and we truly believe that Empowered Women, Empower Women. We are building a community through our retreats where women from all over the world help and support each other both at a professional and personal level.

By keeping our retreats women-only we ensure a comfortable environment where everyone is acknowledged and can find their full potential. There is room for everyone at the top, and the Pangea Dreams alumni help each other climb!

Do you require a deposit? Is it refundable?

We require a $650 USD deposit upon submitting your application for a retreat. This deposit is refundable up to two weeks to give you time to make sure that this is the experience you are looking for!

What method of payment is available?

We use a secure booking platform called WeTravel to process all of our bookings. Through this booking platform you can use a credit card to book and for US citizens, you can arrange a bank transfer to avoid fees. At this time, we are only accepting payment through this platform. You can also choose to add-on one way or roundtrip airport transfers and add-on activities.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We offer custom payment plans tailored to your specific financial needs. We can create a payment plan with monthly payment plans leading up to the retreat, every other week, or every other month depending on your needs! We can split up the remaining balance into up to 10 payments. (Please note that your balance must be paid off one month prior to the retreat start date)

Payment Description

We offer payment plans tailored to your specific financial needs!

We only require a $650 USD deposit upon submitting your application and can then create a payment plan designed specifically for you and your needs. We can split up the remaining balance into up to 10 payments which can be paid monthly, biweekly or whatever cadence suits you best. All you have to do is tell us what you need and we can make it happen for you through our secure WeTravel booking platform! (Please note that your balance must be paid off one month prior to the retreat start date)

Ready to join us on a trip of a lifetime?

Please complete the booking form to join the retreat.

NOTE: Please only complete the booking form if you are seriously interested in attending the retreat, the price is within your budget and you can travel on the specific retreat dates available.

  • Do you have a skill, experience or something you can teach/share with the other participants.
  • Instagram, Past Participant (if so please let us know who), Google Search etc..
    This form should only be completed if you are ready to book a retreat with us. If you are interested in learning more information about our retreats, please email us at or see our FAQ page. Once you have submitted this form, you will be directed to a confirmation page. If you were not redirected to a confirmation page then your booking has not been received and you should re-submit. Please look out for an email from us within 24 hours with details for next steps to book your spot on the retreat. Please check your junk email folder, as sometimes the email can land there. If you do not hear from us, please email
  • Stay up to date with our Pangea Dreams Retreats and other opportunities. Subscribe to our newsletter. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.
  • Please review our Terms & Conditions before submitting your booking form and check the box below.

What to Expect From These Workshops

You’ll leave this retreat with actionable strategies that will empower you to grow your brand without feeling lost or overwhelmed. BONUS: You’ll gain lifelong friends and fellow female entrepreneurs to share that journey!


As Jenna Kutcher says, if you have one follower you’re an influencer. Growing that influence isn’t cringeworthy or self-centered, like some people may think, it’s how you’re serving your audience. Through this retreat course, you’ll learn how to constantly show up for them and grow your community to help them reach their goals, and you reach your own. You’ll discover how to be a thought leader in your niche, and how to choose that niche.

Your audience is hungry for what you have to give and we’ll show you how to create that demand for your product or service through an authentic, established business or personal brand.


Brands are constantly recognizing the benefit of partnering with bloggers and influencers to get their product or service in front of the right people. We’ve curated a group of instructors who have been where you are and grown their audience to the hundreds of thousands (and their income to 5-6 figures a year) with valuable content and an online personality that attracts their niche.

You can get paid for the engaged community you’ve created AND serve them authentically, these are not mutually exclusive. We’ll show you how!


Social media is vital to a brand strategy, and any serious brand knows it. It’s not something to leave to the intern or throw on someone’s plate as an extra task, it needs a full blown strategy and strong presence. Social Media Management is a growing industry looking for people who get the platforms and can represent their brand with innovative content.

During the course of these workshops, we’ll show you how to become the social media manager brands are searching for, making you an expert on social media and content marketing strategy, content creation, and results-driven pitches to attract a steady stream of client and retainer work.

Additional Support

Ongoing support in our private Facebook group

Your professional development lasts well beyond the Pangea Dreams Retreat! As an Alumni, you’ll have lifetime access to our private Facebook community where you can continue to tap into the resources you’ve gathered and connections you’ve made at the retreat. We consistently share new industry tips and tricks, answer questions that come up when you leave, and encourage you to connect with other retreat alumni.

Templates for email pitches and more

We’ve done the testing and we want you to learn from our mistakes. Skip the learning curve, and learn exactly what works for pitching brands, clients, PR opportunities, and more!


All Course Materials

We know you’re going to have your learning sun hat on during the retreat, but we’ll give you access to ALL the course materials so you can refer back when you’re building your brand through our retreat workbooks.


Professional Digital Media Kit

You’ll walk away with a beautifully designed and expertly laid out media kit so you can leverage your influence with brands. This is your resume for your thought leadership, and you’ll know how to create it and pitch brands for exactly what you’re worth.