In this post, Arti from @forageandsustain shares her experience and memories from the Bali retreat in March 2018!

As with many of us on the path less taken, I wasn’t sure how to create the life I wanted. I knew what it was that I was after, but attaining it seemed too far away a notion. The idea of my website, Forage and Sustain, was launched in September 2017, and I had pretty much decided that a life of freedom, travel and entrepreneurship were the ways I wanted to spend my time. After joining Yes Supply’s membership club, I heard about Pangea Dreams and it seemed like it was exactly what I was looking for! I was also following Mel at the time, and she mentioned the retreats in her stories with a discount code – it was totally a sign from the universe! Here was the HOW to my what that I had been searching for. The icing on the cake was the fact the retreat was being held in a place I had been dreaming of visiting for 7 years – BALI!

The biggest thing I was looking for was connecting with like-minded individuals who were on the same or similar path as myself. Most of my friends and family had conventional, corporate jobs, and I was met with quite a bit of scepticism when I would mention my career plans. I was craving meaningful connections and understanding from a group of supportive and like-minded people, and the potential to make those connections at a Pangea Dreams retreat was just too exciting to ignore!

The week flew by and it was so much more than I could ever have anticipated. The biggest takeaway I had, and one that filled me to the brim, was the deep, purely raw and natural connections I made with the 13 other women. From the very first morning together we all cried, we laughed, we hugged, and we sat in a circle, listening to and supporting each other’s fears, dreams and goals. It is incredibly amazing what an empowered group of women can do and feel, and how easily strangers become sisters in mere hours.

I am a believer in manifestation and the power of achieving your goals through visualization and intention. Two of the things I wanted most from the retreat were to meet a travel bestie, someone similar to myself and who I could truly connect with. The other was to meet someone with SEO and blogging knowledge, who was into manifestation as well, and who I could easily connect with.

Incredibly, both happened.

I have to mention Laura – my new travel bestie with the kindest soul! We immediately were drawn to each other, had a true connection and are so like-minded and spent almost 4 weeks traveling in Bali and Singapore together! And Lisa – who amazingly ended up being my roommate, who has just begun her journey into manifestation, who encouraged me to take the plunge and go scuba diving for the first time, AND who is the most kind-hearted, blogging genius I know!

Our week together was jam packed with activities, and only after the retreat did I have a chance to truly look back and appreciate the depth of knowledge we acquired, the personal boundaries we pushed, and the amount of growth we did. It might sound cliché but I truly did emerge, a week later, a transformed person. I had clarity in regards to my blog, I felt equipped with the necessary tools to make my dreams a reality, and I felt so immensely loved and supported, knowing I had a community of amazing women cheering me on.

I am eternally grateful for our workshops. I’ve always loved photography, but admittedly only shot in auto mode. After a few hours with Sam, I was able to figure out manual, what my camera settings actually meant, and how to manipulate them for different lighting and compositions.

I’m also so happy we learned how to make a media kit and how to reach out to brands and hotels. Since returning home from Bali, I’ve used the skills I learned and have gotten so many collaborations with incredible brands.

Outside of just the technical skills, the thing that really changed for me was the confidence to go out and ask for what I want. I never thought that someone with just 570 followers could get legitimate collaborations from brands and hotels that I actually wanted to work with. I now feel totally confident in approaching companies!

The community that Tracy is building is unparalleled, and as entrepreneurs and bloggers, not easy to find on your own. My gratitude extends beyond words, and I’m so excited to continue on my journey.

About the author: Arti is a world-traveler and conscious consumer, actively promoting sustainable living and everything good. With her platform, Forage and Sustain, her goal is to inspire others to live their best sustainable life, without compromising on style. 

Arti was part of Pangea Dreams Retreat in Bali in March 2018, and with a love for adventure, yoga, and good reads, she’s aiming to spread her message world-wide! 

Follow her for all the green-living tips on her Instagram and Website!


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