7 Books Every #Girlboss Should Read

Being a #Girlboss (or any boss for that matter), doesn’t happen overnight. It takes years of planning, working hard, and pouring your passion into your work. To help keep you motivated and on the path to success, why not unwind with a good book to inspire you? Perfect to read on the way to a Pangea Dreams retreat or during some downtime by the beach, here are my picks of 7 books every #Girlboss should read.



1. Life Honestly: Strong opinions from Smart Women by The Pool (with various authors)

A collection of articles that cover all different scenarios that women today are faced with. This book is a must-have for anyone wanting to feel empowered in their personal and professional life. Perfect for any woman who ever feels alone in their struggles, this book gives you a sense of belonging as each article is by a different writer, offering multiple different perspectives. Read this book and come away with so many pieces of advice and lessons learned.

2. The Skills: From First Job to Dream Job - What Every Woman Needs to Know by Mishal Husain

With a whole chapter about speaking up, this book is made for women in their twenties who are starting out in their career. Each chapter focuses on a new skill that will enable you to become confident in your career. This book is the mentor you never knew you needed, and is such an easy book to pick up and dip into while on your travels.

3. The Multi-Hyphen Method by Emma Gannon

Not yet a freelance but on the road to becoming a creative Girlboss? This book is what you need to equip you with the knowledge of how the digital era has changed the job market forever. The multi-hyphen method is all about changing your definition of success and breaking the traditional boundaries of old workplace barriers. Although it is NOT a guide to freelance life, it definitely has sections which are applicable and may make you want you to look deeper into the freelance life. Instead it really focuses on how you can be (and do) many things at once. It questions the traditional skill-set which many think you need to get the dream job, and inspires you to create your own dream job with all the skills, passions, and creativity that you already own.

4. Becoming by Michelle Obama

Ever needed advice but not sure who to turn to? As one of the most powerful women in the world, former First Lady Michelle Obama offers all of her wisdom in this memoir, so it’s no wonder it made the list! This book is for anyone on their own journey to becoming a powerful woman.

5. The New Fashion Rules by Victoria Magrath

A blogger book unlike any other, The New Fashion Rules is written by fashion expert and blogger Victoria Magrath. She created Inthefrow.com in 2012 which is known as one of the most influential blogs to date. Focusing on how the digital era has changed fashion forever due to social media, this book is perfect for anyone interested in fashion, blogging or social media as you learn The New Fashion Rules.

6. Instastyle: Curate Your Life, Create Stunning Photos, and Elevate Your Instagram Influence by Tessa Barton

Tessa Barton has created a guide to Instagram that explores the constantly changing platform in fresh way. Instagram is no longer just a way to update your followers on what you’re wearing that day or where you’ve traveled, it’s now a visual diary that can explode trends, break news and also create icons of the digital age. InstaStyle is new in its idea because Instagram itself has only just begun, so if you’re a business looking to grow, it’s a book you need to own.

7. Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (and other lies): Amazing women on what the F-word means by Scarlett Curtis

A collection of essays to encourage the feminist within. Some angry, some funny, the people involved in this book bring together the voices of feminists from all over the world to open the conversation. The list of people who have contributed to this book is incredible, so scan to find your favourite celebrity or just read the whole thing and be amazed at the variety of writers! Published in collaboration with Girl Up, royalties from this book actually benefit the UN women’s foundation.

Next time you’re feeling a little lost or unsure, I hope one of these books encourages you to keep going! You can do it, #GirlBoss!



Gabriella Tavani | @gabriellatavani |www.travelwithgabriella.com

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