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Hi, I’m Angela, a life design coach from Calgary, Canada. My story is kind of a funny story; truth be told. A close friend of mine @jenaries, had come across Pangea Dreams and asked me if I wanted to go with her.

Bali - check, retreat with empowered women - check, workshops on social media and photography - check, check.

It was settled, we applied, we’re graciously accepted and the planning began!

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Travelling and discovering new cultures, healthy foods, and experiencing breathtaking views has been my passion for over a decade now, and I was always dreaming of my next destination. Instagram collections and Pinterest boards filled with blue oceans and epic sceneries are all I wanted to see. But like most people, with a University degree in hand, I went straight on the job market and I had been working the typical 9-to-5 office life.

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After hosting our first blogger retreat in Bali we've been back several times. The Bali retreat is super popular amongst both hosts and participants, and with good reason! There is just something about the spirit of this island that keeps us coming back. In 2018 we are hosting 2 retreats in Bali, and with one successfully completed together with a group of super inspiring boss babes, we now look forward to the next one.

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