Skills you need to succeed in a digital world + our BEST tips!

As you know, the world is more digital than ever before, and more and more people are hoping to build their own business and make it online. Whether you hope to become a travel writer, a professional photographer or a DIY blogger, you need to be online, and you need to have certain skills in order to make it. Gone are the days of relying on fliers, word-of-mouth and a physical store-front. Everything is online today. You are probably even guilty of googling what florist is best in your area, and picking the one that has the best-looking website, the most followers on Instagram, or the best reviews on their Facebook page.

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One of our new destinations of 2018 is Thailand, and this is a retreat we are super excited for! For starters, Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles - how cool is that? The country is a destination for visitors, and whether you are hoping a calm and quiet beach getaway with the family or an action-packed weekend with your friends, staying in a remote island with your significant other, or to spend your days shopping in Bangkok, you'll find the right trip for you. As you can tell, Thailand has a lot to offer, and that's just one of the few reasons why we love the Land of Smiles!

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In today's digital age, there are countless news streams, websites and feeds to get information, feedback and ideas from. Some of these have proven to be better than others, whilst some have proven to be a little less genuine. The art of journalism has been given a whole new level in a time where anyone can start a blog and report on whatever is happening in the world and how they feel about it. 

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You can imagine we are excited today, as we have launched our first retreats of 2019 this week! The first half of 2019 is launched and published, and we are so happy to finally announce the retreats we have been working so hard to put together for next year!

We have lined up the first 3 retreats of 2019 for you, and it feels great to get to share these exciting destinations. Two of them are brand new destinations for Pangea Dreams, too, which makes it even more surreal!

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Going on a retreat, whether that's a yoga retreat, a blogger retreat or a wellness retreat, is an exciting experience. You'll be nervous, curious, excited and more in the time leading up to your departure date. Who are the other women participating in the retreat? What will the hosts be like? What will I think once it's over? What if it gets awkward? All these questions are running through your mind, and you'll probably spend a good amount of time googling and trying to find all the answers.

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We are so excited to share this post with you all, as it is an edit of a press release that has recently been sent out! It's so incredible to see Pangea Dreams grow, and we love welcoming new alumni (we hit 100 amazing alumni in 2018!). It's so fun to see all the women we reach and inspire, because empowering women is one of our main goals!

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Growing on Instagram is at the top of the list of many photographers, bloggers and other women running their own brand or business. It's a great place to build a community that is passionate about the same things as you. It's also the ultimate platform to find inspiration for upcoming trips, clothes, interior decoration and more. Since the platform just keeps growing (and evolving), it's hard to keep up with how to keep building your community and growing your followers. However, there are some strategies for growth that are evergreen, and will never go off fashion (regardless of what the algorithm throws your way). In this post we want to share our top 3 evergreen strategies for Instagram growth!

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Hi, I’m Angela, a life design coach from Calgary, Canada. My story is kind of a funny story; truth be told. A close friend of mine @jenaries, had come across Pangea Dreams and asked me if I wanted to go with her.

Bali - check, retreat with empowered women - check, workshops on social media and photography - check, check.

It was settled, we applied, we’re graciously accepted and the planning began!

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