Living a lifestyle that balances travel and running your own business is the dream for so many of us. We love to travel, and know that travel is a passion for so many women out there – our alumni included! We also know that so many of you dream of building your own brand and running your own business to give you the freedom to travel as much as you want. There’s just something about the idea of waking up when you feel like it, starting the day with some affirmations and mindset work by the pool, only to bring your laptop to a cute cafe or smoothie shack for the day.

But staying on top of things and refraining from procrastination can be easier said than done, especially when you are your own boss and you’re travelling most of the time. Whether it’s running a coaching business, a travel blog or content creation, it can be tricky to keep your business growing while on the road. That’s why we decided to share some of our best tips for running a business while travelling!


As mentioned, we know the challenges you’re facing, and how hard it can be to pull yourself away from the beach in order to get on with your work. Naturally, we are so incredibly lucky to get to build the lifestyle we want, but balancing work and travel isn’t for everyone. These tips should help you increase your efficiency so you can enjoy every moment more!

#1 The 5-second rule

The 5-Second Rule is not only what you call it when you drop your piece of chocolate on the floor. It’s also a book (and a theory) by motivational speaker Mel Robbins. In short, this rule is everything you need to stop procrastinating and start doing, and it’s absolutely brilliant. Put simply, whenever you notice you are putting off a task and procrastinating, you should start counting down from 5 to 1 in your mind. Or out loud if you feel like it. When you have reached 1, you just do whatever it is you are supposed to. Seriously, just do it. It’s that simple. Don’t give your mind time to argue back and forth on whether you want to do it, just start counting down and know that once your mind hits 1, you’re just gonna start – no hesitation. Using this strategy also works wonders if you struggle with snoozing too many times in the morning. At one point while you’re lying there next to your alarm clock, start counting down from 5 and then just get up. It’s so simple, yet so brilliant.

#2 Automate

There are so many aspects of your business today that can be automated, and so it’s just silly not to take advantage of it. There are loads of tools out there that allow you to schedule (and even loop!) your social media ahead of time, for example. That way you save yourself hours of planning and posting from day to day, and you can focus your time on the more important aspects of your business. Popular social media scheduling tools are Later (for Instagram), Buffer (for Twitter and Facebook) and Tailwind (Pinterest).

There are also other things you can start automating to save yourself some time, such as editing. With browser extensions such as Grammarly, you’ll have a kick-ass program that finds your typos and grammatical errors as you type, so you can quickly and efficiently make the necessary changes.

#3 Work in batches

This is an important tip if you’ve got tasks in your business that you do regularly, such as writing blog posts, creating sales pages or editing photos. Batch working is a popular concept for anyone with their own personal brand, and can be a huge time saver in a creative business. Basically, instead of writing 1 blog post every time you have to, or editing the 5 photos to go with that blog post at a time, start setting aside time for ‘batch work’. For example, make Monday from 12-3pm your writing time, and write out as many blog posts as you can in that time. Do the same for every other task you have that repeats itself every week, and you’ll be saving a lot of time. This is based in how we lose efficiency when switching our focus between different tasks, and you’ll find that even though it usually takes you 2 hours to create a sales page, you can actually manage to create 2 in 3 hours as you’ll be more focused on the task at hand!

What are your best tips for running a business and staying productive while travelling? Leave them in the comments below!

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