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What top 3 things did you learn while on the retreat?

1. How to make money on Instagram and create stunning and unique content (this is an art form and not as effortless as it looks!
2. Email pitching to brands. I still use the email template we learned!
3. How to organize your day and your work to maximize productivity and creativity

How did your life change after the retreat?

Since the retreat, I’ve actually been able to make a stable career out of my Instagram and working with brands. My photos from the retreat + the lessons I took away on how to create content completely transformed the quality and aesthetic of my Instagram. This ended up opening so many doors for me when it came to working with brands I genuinely love. Also, Tracy opened me up to a whole new business, which was content creation. Since the retreat, I’ve worked with 7 different brands on creating portfolios of content for their social media/websites! Because of this new service I offer, I’m at a point now where I can both fund my travels and make money while traveling, which has long been a dream of mine!

What was a highlight from your trip?

BEING INSPIRED 24/7! Learning everyday from some of the most inspirational and talented women in the business combined with being surround by likeminded bloggers was life changing and an experience I’ll never forget. I woke up every day feeling so motivated from what I was learning and the people around me, and the feeling hasn’t  faded even after the retreat. I miss my Pangea crew!! They continue to be my biggest supporters!

Tell us about the photo shoots and content that was created while on the retreat!

The content we created on the trip made me look at photography and Instagram in a whole new light. I realized that the most beautiful, viral accounts are so successful because they 1) plan ahead and everything from the location to the outfit is carefully thought out and 2) they know the craft of photography! These accounts always look so flawless and effortless only because they are the ones that put the time and thought into the process! This knowledge completely skyrocketed the quality of my photos and I’ve gained so many more followers by putting these skills to use. The photoshoots also inspired me to delve deeper into learning my DSLR, which has been another thing that completely changed the game for me. I no longer shoot on auto, only manual! Learning from such incredible photographers really showed me first-hand how big of a difference this makes.

Did the retreat live up to your expectations? 

Yes + MORE! While on the retreat, I learned SO much and met so many incredible people (that still inspire me to this day!). But what was really life changing for me was the progress I saw after the retreat. All the knowledge and skills I learned in Bali are still with me today and being implemented into so much of what I do. That to me was the most invaluable aspect of it all!


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