We are so excited to share this post with you all, as it is an edit of a press release that has recently been sent out! It’s so incredible to see Pangea Dreams grow, and we love welcoming new alumni (we hit 100 amazing alumni in 2018!). It’s so fun to see all the women we reach and inspire, because empowering women is one of our main goals!

Pangea Dreams is Empowering Women Through Social Media Strategy and Wellness Retreats

As the Original Blogger Retreat we aim to create a global community of entrepreneurial women by bringing them together in beautiful destinations around the world to encourage them to reach for more, listen to their dreams and achieve their full potential. By the end of 2018, Pangea Dreams will have hosted over 150 women from 23 countries since its launch last year, and we love seeing our aims manifest. Our retreats are designed to help women awaken their ambitions and work towards their goals in an environment of mutual support, and empowerment, where participants learn the tools needed to thrive in today’s digital world.

I started Pangea Dreams because I felt there was something missing in the market to connect women entrepreneurs and women who wanted to take life into their own hands. By helping women realize their full potential, we are building the leaders of tomorrow and it’s so special to be able to foster a community of women from around the world who are coming together and empowering each other to follow their passions” – Tracy Komlos, our founder

The meaning behind Pangea Dreams couldn’t be more fitting. ‘Pangea’ is Greek for ‘all land’ as it was the last supercontinent dating from over 300 million years ago when all continents were connected. It was Tracy’s dream to unite women from around the world in destinations across the globe, powered by her belief that the best way to inspire women is through education and community.

Our seven-day, all-inclusive retreats are hosted by industry experts covering topics ranging from social media strategy, photography, influencer marketing and more. Past hosts have included Pangea Dreams founder Tracy Komlos (@tracy_komlos), Lisa Homsy (@lisahomsy), Melanie Vandersluis (@mvandersluis) and Hayley Anderson (@Haylsa), among others. Coming out of the retreat, women are equipped with in-demand skills and have the know-how to live life on their own terms by building their own business. As more millennials enter the workforce, we are seeing a clear shift in how work is conceptualized and practiced, with a strong trend toward entrepreneurship by creating a life built on your own terms as a freelancer or by starting your own business. Pangea Dreams prides itself on training the leaders of tomorrow who will dominate the freelance workforce.

Bringing together like-minded women interested in learning and exploring a new culture and destination, each retreat has a carefully curated itinerary that brings to life the unique aspects of each locale, such as hiking Mount Batur in Bali to catch the sunrise, exploring the ruins in Tulum or the temples of Cambodia. Mixed in with exploring the local culture, each woman receives one-on-one coaching and participates in dedicated workshops that dive deep into Social Media Strategy, Basics of Videography and Photography, Brand Collaborations, Personal Brand and Business Growth, Time Management and Mental Wellness. Retreat alumni have proven the benefits of the retreats with 76% securing a paid brand and hotel collaboration two weeks post-retreat and 54% turning their social media and freelance skills into their full-time job in less than a year!

As one alumni shared, “Since the retreat, I’ve actually been able to make a stable career out of my Instagram and working with brands. My photos from the retreat and the lessons I took away on how to create content completely transformed the quality and aesthetic of my Instagram. This ended up opening so many doors for me when it came to working with brands I genuinely love.”

For those wondering about pricing, our retreats start at $2,600 USD per person and include seven-day accommodations and meals, workshops and materials, professional photoshoots, select activities and all transportation within the destination. Find out more about our upcoming retreats here!

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