In this series, we’re introducing you to some of the Pangea Dreams Retreat hosts so you can get to know them and how they make our retreats so special! In this post, we are getting to know Pangea Dreams Trip Leader, Montelle Browne.

So without further ado, let’s get to know Montelle!

Name: Montelle Browne
Current Position: Branding Coach & Digital Content Creator
Currently Living: Leads, UK/Bali
Hometown: Leads, UK

1.) Montelle! So excited to have you on the team as a Pangea Dreams Trip Leader! Can you tell our community a little bit more about you and what you do?

Hey everyone! I’m Montelle Browne, also known as @Montzxo.

I’m from the UK and I’m a personal brand coach, travel influencer and Pangea Dreams Retreat Leader!

If I’m not solo traveling halfway across the world, you’ll find me glued to my laptop binge-watching Youtube videos.

I’ve spent the past 5 years studying digital marketing, content creation, and social media strategy. I teach creative entrepreneurs how to build an impactful online tribe and monetize their social media whilst traveling the world!

2.) How did you get started in this industry as an influencer, blogger, and female entrepreneur?

My own journey as a blogger started in 2014 when I finally plucked up the courage to start my Youtube channel.

This had been a very long time coming as I was obsessed with Youtube many years before launching my own. I started sharing my favorite beauty looks and hauls at first – this was back when Youtube was just for fun and nobody knew what analytics meant!

Youtube really became my university of life, I learned everything I know on there. From how to be a blogger, editing, photography, business, entrepreneurship and more.

After a couple of years of creating beauty tutorials, I knew I had much more to give and wanted to educate creative females on how to transition their own blog into a business!

3.) Montelle, you recently attended your first Retreat as a trip leader – what were you MOST excited for about the Puerto Vallarta Signature Retreat?

Meeting all of you ladies!! I absolutely love solo travel but getting to travel with a bunch of likeminded, creative and extremely passionate women? I can’t actually think of anything better! Pangea Dreams Retreats are the perfect blend of education, business, travel, and networking. All the things I absolutely love.

4.) What do you think has led to your success as a female entrepreneur?

Having confidence in myself! I believe my confidence is what has led me to many of the opportunities I’ve had.

Sometimes you just have to close your eyes and say YES. It’s much better to try things out and learn from them than it is to regret not doing it.

I would also say having a growth mindset has led to my success. I know that I am not the most talented at everything but I am always open to learning and trying. Once you start seeing everything with an open mind, nothing seems impossible.

5.) What would you say to all the aspiring female entrepreneurs, bloggers, influencers, and creators out there?

START NOW! Do not wait for the perfect timing, equipment, theme, blog layout, business coach, 10k followers (or whatever other excuses you may have).

All of these things take time and experience – something you’re not going to gain by not trying.

Stop comparing yourself to other entrepreneurs or influencers, they all had to start somewhere too.

The first few years of your journey is going to be a lot of trial and error and that’s perfectly okay, you’ll never appreciate your growth or feel satisfied if you don’t enjoy the journey.

6.) How can someone get in touch with you?

IG: @montzxo