In this series we’ll be introducing you to some of the Pangea Dreams Retreat hosts so you can get to know them and how they make our retreats special! In this post, we are getting to know Sarah from @saltyluxe! You can also learn more about Sarah on her blog!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do!

I’m Sarah 🙂 I live in Byron Bay Australia with my parter Matt & dog Scarley!

I am a professional photographer, videographer & blogger, making a full time income from my work in this industry. I left my full time job about 6 months ago to puruse my dream of sharing travel & promoting happy & healthy lifestyles with the world.

How did you get started with content creation and photography?

OHHH! I have always been into photography – you could say that I have been fairly obsessed since I was a young kid growing up in Sydney. I used to shoot weddings on the weekends / when my part time job would allow & little passion projects with freinds too (bless those souls who allowed me to shoot their weddings at such a young age). 

Travel is my real passion, it lights me up! I realised I could combine my two great loves during a 6 month trip Matt & I took in 2015 & have never looked back ever since. There has definitely been very tough times though holding down regular 9–5 jobs, the first being a Fundraising Manager (at International Charity Cancer Council / Cancer Society) & later as a Brand Manager at an Australian label.

What’s your favourite part of the Pangea Dreams retreats?

The friendships made, for sure. I’ll never forget the feelings of support, inspiration & personal growth. I feel genuinely blessed that I had the opportunity to partake in such a special experience.

What is your number 1 tip for someone hoping to do what you do?

Do not give up & BE YOU, everyone else is taken.

What has been your favourite part of your journey so far?

Learning. Every day I learn. I think I known something & then BAM – I learn that I don’t. It’s a natural progression when upping your game & something that I work hard on – continuous self growth & educating yourself in your industry (particularly because this one is ever changing) is so important for your future.

Why do you think someone should join a retreat?

Join to better yourself. Join to give yourself a leg up to success & above all join because you deserve to live your best life & be your best self.

What workshops do you teach on the retreats?

I teach all about staying true to your brand for long term success, how you can up your game on social, my opinion on what I think is important for success (strategies & key learnings) & ultimately why YOU is all you need to do all of this. 

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