Mental health is a top subject of conversation these days, and it’s easy to see why. Whether you are working a full-time job while chasing your dream as a side hustle, going to school, raising kids, keeping up with households and finances or trying to stay healthy and fit; there are so many things pulling us in a million different directions. On top of that, we tend to get easily buried in the sea of never-ending distractions, causing us to forget to stop and take it all in, enjoy the little moments and take a timeout for ourselves.

We cannot keep going and going at the same pace without experiencing eventual burnout, stress and possible health issues, which is where the importance of mental health comes in. Sure, taking care of your mental health can mean getting a massage, spending an evening reading a book, taking a relaxing candlelit bath, getting out in nature for a stroll, hike or bike ride, but one of the best ways to take care of your mental health, in my opinion, is travel. There’s just something so good for your mind when you get out of your day to day and experience a new place – especially when it’s on a GIRLS TRIP!

Pangea Dreams - Peru Retreat

Temporarily getting away from all of your daily responsibilities for a few days with other like-minded women is literally life-altering. Through years of taking girls trips, I can say that it’s a huge part of my mental well being and I could not do the things that I do on a daily basis without these rejuvenating trips. It helps bring focus, a deep sense of relaxation, adventure and just good old fashioned fun to your crazy busy life.  

I have met so many women that never go on girls trips and I am very passionate about changing that. If you don’t have women in your life that you feel like you can potentially travel with, there are a lot of options for traveling with groups; of course, attending a Pangea Dreams Retreat is at the top of the list and something I highly recommend!

You may have a handful of friends in mind, but you aren’t sure how to approach the idea of planning a girls trip. Someone has to initiate it or it will always be a “one day” thought, but you can change that! Decide on a destination; you might consider starting small and choosing a place you can drive to that’s not too far. Research fun things to do and find some great photos to share; this is an important piece, so don’t leave it out. If you are not the “planner” of your group, just ask if anyone would be interested in helping to put a trip together. Briefly look at (or have someone that’s good at this help you) the cost; renting a vehicle if needed, accommodations, flights, etc. It’s also helpful to plan plenty in advance so it allows time for everyone to save money, schedule time off work and plan for the kids or pets to be taken care of.

Pangea Dreams - Puerto Vallarta Retreat

Something fun to do for your loved ones on the day you are leaving for your trip is to leave a basket of goodies for them to use while you’re gone. Gift cards to their favorite restaurants or movie theatre, a bottle of wine, candy or other treats are some ideas.  They will feel extra loved and you won’t feel as guilty for leaving.

If your significant other enjoys traveling as well, think about choosing girls trips to destinations that they don’t have a desire to go. Also make sure to encourage them to book a trip with their friends as well; everyone can benefit from some “me” time. If you don’t have kids at home, you could even try and plan your trips during the same time.

The majority of the time, the biggest challenge is just getting it planned and booked, so I encourage you to get started and do whatever it takes to make it happen!! The outcome of a trip like this is food for the soul and will make you a better person. I can’t say enough how much I look forward to these trips and how they play a huge part of your mental well being. I hope I have helped inspire you to start planning your girls trip and if you need more detailed tips or ideas on how to put together a trip or insight on great destinations, I would be happy to help. 

Blog post written by Bali Retreat 2018 Alumna Tammi OHearn. Find her on Instagram: @to.on.the.go. She just launched her very own girls trip wine tours called Wine Destinations With TO On The Go – check it out!