Jamie from @theblondetravelsx0 shares her experience of the Puerto Vallarta retreat in May 2018!

Why did you decide to join us on a retreat? What excited you most about the retreat?

I was interested in learning how to elevate my level of photography to have the ability to take my instagram account to the next level so I could turn it into a business.

What top 3 things did you learn while on the retreat?

1.    How to pose in photos more naturally

2.    How to build a media kit

3.    Passive income strategies

How did your life change after the retreat?

I felt more inspired after the retreat. I had hit a stagnant point in both my career and my instagram prior to attending the retreat. The retreat helped me lay out my goals and bring my motivation back to push myself even further.

Would you recommend the retreat to a friend or someone who is interested in joining us on a retreat?


What was a highlight from your trip?

Being surrounded by like-minded women who are supportive and encouraging was the best part of the retreat. We all want each other to succeed and it is so empowering to have people cheering you on constantly and motivating you to turn your dreams into reality.

How has your blog or Instagram grown since the retreat?

My instagram has grown since the retreat. I am looking forward to achieving consistent growth by applying everything I learned on the retreat.

Did Pangea dreams set you up for success? What skills did you take away from the retreat?

I am still new to instagram as I have had my account for less than a year. I learned everything from how to pose in photos, how to drive engagement and most importantly, how to turn your instagram into a business. I am so excited to put everything I learned into action over the next few months!

Tell us about the photoshoots and content that was created while on the retreat!

The photo shoots were so much fun throughout the retreat. I learned how to pose in photos and how to convey my personality more in my photos. There was so much content creation throughout the week which is what I love!

How did it feel to be surrounded by other likeminded women? How did that motivate you?

The entire group of girls on my retreat were absolutely amazing. Everyone was so supportive and encouraging. We all wanted to help each other which is something you do not always come across. I learned so much from each of them and they inspired me to hit the ground running when I returned from the retreat.

Did the retreat live up to your expectations? 

Pangea Dreams exceeded my expectations. It was a great mix of learning, wellness and content creation in a beautiful destination with incredible people. I find myself missing being on the retreat often!

Is there anything you want to say to girls considering joining a retreat?

Don’t contemplate going….just GO! The learning and overall experience will benefit you in all areas of your life, not just instagram. It was one of the best decisions I made for myself.