Joya Beamer’s Blog





Why did you decide to join us on a retreat? What excited you most about the retreat?

I decided to join the retreat because I was looking for inspiration and guidance as a digital entrepreneur and wanted to learn more about the creating and building my own brand on social media. I loved that the retreat had a unique format, a hybrid between social media/digital brand building and a strong personal growth and wellness element. I was most excited about the various workshops offered, the opportunity to learn and partner with super successful influences and to collaborate with other like minded boss babes!

Would you recommend the retreat to a friend or someone who is interested in joining us on a retreat? 

Absolutely, the retreat really exceeded my expectations! The daily schedule ended up being much more intense that I was imagining but in a wonderful way J There were constantly opportunities to learn and have hands on experiences which gave me a much deeper understanding of all of the aspects of creating a personal brand. Such as; content creating, social media strategy, partnerships, photography, editing, and media kits. The retreat definitely provides you with all of the tools needed to go out and be successful as an influencer.

How has your blog or Instagram grown since the retreat? 

I noticed an instant change in my Instgram and the quality since the first photo I posted during the retreat (of course using the tools and techniques that I learned). The photos I have posted after the retreat have received three times as many likes and comments as before, my engagement is much high and to top it off my following has grown about 20% in just the few weeks from returning from the retreat. 

Which workshop was your fav and why? 

My favorite workshop was Lightroom with Lisa Homsy. I had never worked with Lightroom before and to be honest a bit intimidated by it. Lisa made it simple to understand and showed us hands on examples, including a lot of her personal editing tricks. Additionally we learned about presets, how to create them and how they can help you to create a cohesive style that is unique to your brand. The workshop was so informative and really made a drastic improvement in the quality of my photos and overall look and style of my Instagram. 

How did it feel to be surrounded by other likeminded women? How did that motivate you? 

I loved it, and found it so inspiring! It was amazing to come together with women from all over with the same passion and share ideas, collaborate and help each other to improve and grow our digital businesses. It motivated me to see other girls similar to me snapping pictures, editing and turning it into successful content. The best part is having this amazing group of boss babes to continue to support and collaborate with after the retreat.

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