Kaylie from @taleof5birds shares her experience of the Puerto Vallarta retreat in May 2018!

Why did you decide to join us on a retreat? What excited you most about the retreat?

I wanted to join the retreat to attend all of the workshops. I am a very new blogger and had really no idea what I was doing, so when I found this retreat – with all the workshops that I wanted to know about – I had to join!

What top 3 things did you learn while on the retreat?

Oh my gosh, it’s almost impossible to narrow it down to just three. I learned so much while on the retreat and was so excited to go back home to put it all into action. The top things I learned were: 

Using my camera in manual – I had a little bit of an understanding prior to the retreat, but Mel answered all of my lingering questions and I am pretty confident with it now. 

Lightroom – lightroom is 100% clearer now. It was so overwhelming to use and I just didn’t have time to youtube it much. Mel explained SO MUCH! I’m actually producing images I like now!

Creating a media kit and reaching out to brands – I had no idea what the even entailed, but now, after I finish creating my media kit, I know how to go about asking for collaborations. 

and one more, just because it’s too hard to pick – The passive and active income workshop was gold. I left with some amazing ideas for passive income – like a few ideas for a new ebook, and more good ideas for active income.

How did your life change after the retreat?

I have SO MUCH MORE knowledge. I’m so so so thankful for Tracy, Mel and Sarah for all of the goodness they shared.

Would you recommend the retreat to a friend or someone who is interested in joining us on a retreat?

Y.E.S – 100 times yes. It was such an amazing experience.

What was a highlight from your trip?

A highlight from my trip was the closing circle exercise led by Kristen. It was so touching and emotional but also so simple. It really brought the ladies together and showed them that everyone cares.

How has your blog or Instagram grown since the retreat?

Not yet, I mean, a little, but I haven’t put my plan into action yet. I’ve outlined what I want to do and have some trips and ideas planned out. Once those happen, I’ll dive in and apply everything I’ve learned along with it. So hopefully I will grow.

Did Pangea dreams set you up for success? What skills did you take away from the retreat? 

I really think so. I feel like I actually know what to do and expect now. I’m really excited to get my blog going.

Tell us about the photoshoots and content that was created while on the retreat!

So many. We had a ton around the resort – with each other and the hosts. I think the funnest one was on the beach with the drone. It made me want to get my own drone. We did one in the water on the paddle boards and just us on the beach.

How did it feel to be surrounded by other likeminded women? How did that motivate you?

It was so fun being with the other women. We really encouraged and helped each other learn throughout the week. I love that everyone was willing to ask questions and learn with each other.

Did the retreat live up to your expectations? 

It exceeded my expectations. I didn’t know there was so much to learn and I’m so glad I went and learned from amazing women already killing it in the business.

Is there anything you want to say to girls considering joining a retreat?

Please do, it will be the best decision you make. You gain so much knowledge and new friendship – double win.