Laura Diaz’s Blog





Why did you decide to join us on a retreat? What excited you most about the retreat?

I joined the retreat because I finally had decided to launch my career as a photographer and I didn’t know which steps to follow to promote myself. So when I saw that Pangea Dreams was offering retreats that included content creation, build branding and social media strategy workshops, I knew I had to go! Plus, the retreat felt like it was tailored to my needs because it also included meditation and wellness sessions. 
I was really excited to have a clearer idea of my next steps to do for my business and meet like-minded women!

How did your life change after the retreat?

After the retreat my level of confidence has been boosted greatly in all aspects! I’m a transformed person. I am confident in front of the camera, know my angles, know how to approach brands and have a clearer path on how to achieve my goals. I’m also a lot more productive thanks to all the skills that they shared with us. I feel so motivated, inspired and with peace of mind that my business will work. 

What was a highlight from your trip?

I enjoyed every single thing of the retreat. All the workshops, activities, photoshoots, locations and even the amazing quality food that we had! However, the meditation and wellness workshops were a bliss! As boss babes we are always rushing and so concentrated on performing that we forget to take care of ourselves, which is essential to our health and success. Applying all the tools that I learned during these workshops help me stay healthy but also motivated to thrive in my business.

How has your blog or Instagram grown since the retreat?

My Instagram had an enormous improvement in terms of engagement! For example, after 24 hours of posting something I would usually get around 60 likes and almost no comments. With my first post after the retreat, I reached 300+ likes and 30 comments in just 15 hours! Which is crazy good considering that I only had 430 followers before the retreat and now I have 550 followers. I’m blown away by the big difference in engagement!

Would you recommend the retreat to a friend or someone who is interested in joining us on a retreat?

Yes, yes, yes and yes!! I would recommend the retreat to anyone who is starting their business, blogging, and/or want to learn to create professional and cohesive work for their social medias. 

Join us on our next retreat!!