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Gabrielle Agostini

"I had recently started my travel blog and knew that a retreat with Pangea Dreams would teach me all the tips to gaining success with social media and ‘the trini traveller’ blog."


I wanted to get feedback from Instagram experts about our account, and the Pangea Dreams retreat was the perfect opportunity for it! I was beyond excited to meet likeminded girls from all over the world


Laura Diaz

After the retreat my level of confidence has been boosted greatly in all aspects! I'm a transformed person. I am confident in front of the camera, know my angles, know how to approach brands and have a clearer path on how to achieve my goals.


Aliza Strock

Pangea definitely set me up for success. It is their whole ethos that they want women to succeed in the online world and I could feel that the entire time.

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Carly Nogawski

"Since the retreat, I've actually been able to make a stable career out of my Instagram and working with brands. My photos from the retreat + the lessons I took away on how to create content completely transformed the quality and aesthetic of my Instagram."

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Stephanie Castellon

"I feel like in my daily life I never take the time to think about myself or what I want. On the retreat you actually take the time to think about yourself, your life goals, your interests and really connect with other young genuine fun travel gals who motivate you!"


Allie Montory

"Not only did I learn how to create and be my own brand, but I also gained a team of supportive, strong women and the confidence to chase all my career goals—Instagram, travel blogging and beyond."

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Jenna Miech

"My favourite day was the day of the catamaran cruise - sailing the Nicaraguan coast, visiting deserted beaches with great tunes, ceviche and drinks - what more could you ask for?"



I found a new sense of connection to the travel community, a strong desire to contribute and continue to build content with women travellers and bloggers and share the incredible experience of travel, escape, and adventure. 


Kelly Pillar

The brand & hotel collab workshop was my favorite because this is generally info that is difficult to find elsewhere. I learned so much about the types of services you can offer brands, what's appropriate, how to negotiate, how to stand up for myself , what to expect, and so much more.

Kim Gascoigne

After the retreat my frame of mind changed about many things! My confidence in front of the camera increased, what I wanted from my Instagram changed, and I learned the benefits of working with other women. 

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Britney Wilson

"The top three things I learned while on the Bali retreat was determining what my brand is, mastering how to use my DSLR camera without shooting in automatic, and how to use Instagram and Instagram stories to drive traffic to my blog."

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Mel Vandersluis

"I came home and stopped giving myself a million excuses to start a new business and just did it. It really paid off to be around other boss babes to tell me to stop trying to make everything perfect and just launch it."

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Ally Archer

"Anyone looking to learn more about content creation, photography and photo editing, working with brands, and doing it while traveling and connecting with likeminded women needs to go!"

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Jessica Carpenter

"I decided to join the Pangea Dreams retreat in Nicaragua because it spoke to my dreams and desires to create a different life for myself."


Joya Beamer

It was amazing to come together with women from all over with the same passion and share ideas, collaborate and help each other to improve and grow our digital businesses.


Swati Vaghani

Definitely recommended this retreat if you are someone who doesn’t feel motivated, uninspired, and has a vision of what you want to do but have no idea how to start off. This is especially for women who are starting off in building their own online social media brand.

Jenny Hudnall

I’ve received 3x’s as many likes on posts, more than ever before. I feel like it is visually far more attractive to the eye. I will be focusing on content that ties my 3 account together in a productive way!

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Amanda Schiavone

"Well I decided to join a retreat twice!  Each time was for a different reason. When I signed up for Bali, I was very new to Instagram. When Nicaragua came around, I knew I had to go again!"

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Micaela Nauman

"The highlight of the trip for me was meeting the girls! I followed Tracy, Mel and Kat for almost a year leading up to the retreat, and it was nice to get to know them as people, outside of their beautiful accounts."

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Amelie Demeyer

"All together we went to hike the Mount Batur at night. Seeing sunrise from the top of this mountain, eating bananas and eggs steamed from the volcano and being surrounded by monkeys was just perfect."

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Lauren Pelkey

"There's no way I could have expected to create a network of bad ass travel boss ladies and leave with the confidence and motivation to keep working towards my dream like I did."