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Why did you decide to join us on a retreat? What excited you most about the retreat?

I’d heard a lot of great things about the retreats and I was sorry I couldn’t experience the one in Bali so I was excited at the opportunity to go to Nicaragua. I was most excited to see the girls and learn more about the business of being a content creator/blogger. There are always things to learn in this business and social media changes daily so it’s good to meet up with like minded people and talk about the wins and challenges that everyone experiences.

What top 3 things did you learn while on the retreat?

I learnt that being around like minded people is the most powerful and most inspiring thing you can do for yourself. Knowing your poses and angles can really speed up the content creating process. Knowing how your camera works is important in the content creation process because you don’t want to be spending too long fixing all your settings, the better you know the faster you can get the job done.

How did your life change after the retreat? 

I came home and stopped giving myself a million excuses to start a new business and just did it. It really paid off to be around other boss babes to tell me to stop trying to make everything perfect and just launch it. 

Would you recommend the retreat to a friend or someone who is interested in joining us on a retreat? 

I would recommend it to anyone who is starting out on this journey of blogging or content creating. There is SO much to know in the business and how to monetize. I would also recommend it to anyone looking to just have a great time creating content with a bunch of like minded girls. This was definitely an inspirational trip and really hyped me up to create bigger and better things!

Did the retreat live up to your expectations?

It was better. I made some amazing friends and left feeling really empowered and inspired.



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