Written by Lindsay Renee Belair

The past few months have provided us with time to reflect, learn, and grow in ways we never imagined. We have learned how to find comfort in the midst of discomfort as we navigate the unknown. We have seen the world simultaneously fall apart and come together as we begin to break down the racial divide that has kept us apart for far too long. This time has presented us with the opportunity to adjust and reframe our attitudes, opinions, and beliefs, in hopes of moving together in harmony. 

In many ways, 2020 has given us all a second chance. It’s a wake-up call, and we must answer. Our old way of life wasn’t working, and it’s time we think about why. 

The unknown. It’s scary. We, as a whole, don’t like talking about things that make us uncomfortable or fearful. We fear the unknown because we fear what we can’t understand. But what if this time is meant for us to explore the unknown, to familiarize ourselves with the uncomfortable feelings that we’ve been so afraid to sit in? 

I know that being alone with yourself can seem frightening – maybe you’re afraid to address things that you’ve pushed away for too long, or perhaps you don’t see yourself as worthy of your own time and self-care

But we all need this time alone.

Instead of wishing for better days, we should be embracing this time for what it is, a second chance.

Spend this time getting in touch with yourself – this is your opportunity to fall in love with your life, to change what you don’t love about yourself, and to embrace what you do.

Don’t overthink, just open your heart and surrender your mind. And however you choose to spend this time, always remember to embrace the unknown. 

Journaling, navigating the unknown

I’ve always been one who needs to know their next step, but the past few months have taught me things that I wish I learned a while back:

You do not need an answer to every question, or a solution to every problem.

You do not need to have it all together, and you certainly do not need to have it all figured out.

In a world where everything is changing, you must learn to flow with it.

Not knowing your next step is a blessing in disguise – it allows you to surrender to the present moment.

When you don’t know what’s next for you, it’s easy to fall victim to false hypotheticals.

Don’t waste energy on what hasn’t happened yet. Trust that where you are is exactly where you should be.

Learn to be okay with not knowing what’s next for you.

These months may not be what they were supposed to be, but maybe they’re exactly what we needed. It’s about time we take a break from our busy lives to allow for self-discovery and healing. 

Despite the devastating hardships, this year has brought some good along with it – the uncomfortability of today has taught us how to sit with ourselves, and to embrace the unknown. It has taught us how to be at peace internally and with our neighbors.

Someday, we will look back and understand why it had to happen.