Off to the island of Amorgos we go,
Across precarious seas to a land hardly known.

Remote as can be and home of Le Grand Bleu,
Crystal clear waters and patchy, rugged earth.

Pangea Dreams awaits like Greek Goddesses of old,
Ready to welcome us and share wisdom untold.

We are quickly seduced by a luxury hotel,
Its beauty beckoning, like an ancient Greek spell.

Now first comes a banquet, an ambrosial feast.
A sight for sore eyes to say the least.

We bond over feta, spinach rice and fresh fish.
Each bite just exquisite, dish after dish.

A new morning stirs and we begin our quest,
Our thirst for knowledge overshadowing the rest.

Yoga and workshops and exploration for days,
We better ourselves in the most incredible ways.

Branding, SEO and photography at first,
Productivity, media kits – our brains ready to burst.

We take a boat out to sea and explore old towns,
We discover our inner goddesses like we are all wearing crowns. 

Exquisite sugary treats touch our lips,
And we laugh about how they will all go to our hips.

We spend mornings in gratitude and evenings in the spa,
We stand mesmerised by the views, ones that extend remarkably far.

The week flies by, we don’t want it to end.
We are in our element and have become great friends.

But all has its purpose and we have to move forward,
It’s now time to implement what we have taken onboard.

What wonderous memories we all now possess,
A lifelong bond – one that is very blessed.

One thing is for sure, I won’t forget Pangea Dreams
Trust me when I say that it is as magical as it seems.

Blog post written by Greece Retreat 2019 Alumna Carolene Méli. Find her on Instagram: @_caromeli. Carolene is the author of Nomadic Musings, a creative writing column exclusively for Pangea Dreams!