Isolation has enveloped the world, enveloping us whole.
Every bit of us wrapped up, holding tight.  

Are you ok? 
Wrapped up like this? 
The isolation not leaving your side. 
Never letting you breathe. 

But it really is time to breathe my friend. 
Deep inhales and exhales. 
You know how to do it. I know you do. 

What a time to breathe. 
What a time to sit and be silent. 
Hours upon hours of uninterrupted stillness. 
It really is beautiful isn’t it? 
Who would’ve thought that we’d be here right now. 
But this moment is meant for us. 
Meant for us it really is. 

Our thoughts have a chance, for once, to run deep. 
But don’t be afraid my friend. 
Positivity will serve as a necessary addition to squander anxiety-ridden thinking. 
Can you feel it’s power? 
Have some of mine if yours is struggling to emerge. 
There is enough for us all. 

Jean-Paul Sartre said ‘You are free, therefore choose’
So choose. 
Choose stillness. 
Choose reflection. 
Choose kindness.
Choose to listen. 
Choose to parade through your thoughts until their lessons wrap you up. 
Wrap you up like the isolation has tried to do.
Only this isolation will eventually pass and your new knowledge, your new insights will remain. 
You shall begin again. 

My friend ‘you are free, therefore choose’. 

Blog post written by Greece Retreat 2019 Alumna Carolene Méli. Find her on her website: caromeli.com, or check out her writing portfolio here. Carolene is the author of Nomadic Musings, a creative writing column exclusively for Pangea Dreams!

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