Isolation transports you far

To a place you may not want to go to or be at all ready to visit.

But an important place nonetheless.

Isolation transports you deep.

Encouraging you, no… forcing you to reflect.

Reflect on how you have been showing up thus far and how you will act from here on out.

Isolation transports you whole.

Whole in a way that lets you draw on everything you have learnt in order to flourish in unfamiliar circumstances.

Isolation invites you to be ok with stillness.

To listen intently to each inhale and exhale.

To observe how your body continues to adapt to the environment around you, even when no outside influence exists.

Just stillness.

Just quiet.

Just peaceful existence.

The sea is still meeting the shore.

The wind is still hugging each corner.

The sun is still lighting up everything in its path.

But you, you are different now.

You are more observant now.

Hasty reactions have lost their place in this new tranquility.

Decelerated time calls for gracious contemplation.

You are kinder now.

Quiet thoughtfulness has bought about a deeper level of understanding and compassion for what you see before you.

You are more creative now.

The noise has been abruptly stripped away. 

Procrastination no longer has any power over you.

Your imagination is mobilised and you take action with limited resources.

Ultimately you thrive.

Isolation has transported you and you are different now.

Blog post written by Greece Retreat 2019 Alumna Carolene Méli. Find her on her website: caromeli.com, or check out her writing portfolio here. Carolene is the author of Nomadic Musings, a creative writing column exclusively for Pangea Dreams!