Pangea Dreams was founded when Tracy, our founder, realised the amount of women looking to build a sustainable business that would allow them to also focus on passions such as travel, community and wellness. With roots as a content creation agency, the team already had experience in creating amazing imagery in beautiful destinations, all while scaling their businesses and traveling the world.

Now, Pangea Dreams still offer brands and companies content creation, but we have become so much more. By adding exciting workshops, motivating hosts and trip leaders, and hand picking women for each retreat, Pangea Dreams is now a proud environment for growth and female empowerment.

Each destination for our Pangea Dreams retreats are carefully selected, and we are constantly looking to expand our horizon. Our retreats are all-inclusive, with high-quality workshops and exciting collaboration opportunities. Did you also know that Pangea Dreams was the original blogger retreat?

As retreats are becoming more and more popular, we take pride in being the first ever retreat to focus on blogging and building an influence through beautiful imagery and genuine interactions. We’d love to have you join us on our next retreat, so why don’t you find your destination or reach out right away! 


Pangea’ is Greek for ‘all land’, and was the name of the last supercontinent known to man, when all the current continents were still connected as one over 300 million years ago.

As we have a dream of uniting women from all across the world, in destinations all over the world, Pangea is a word that speaks to us on a deeper level. By crossing borders and working together as one, we can move mountains and make massive changes in the world.

On our Pangea Dreams retreats we inspire each other, teach each other and stay open to each other. Almost as if we still lived on the same, massive, continent.




Our mission is to build a global community that empowers female entrepreneurs to turn their passion into purpose through collaboration, content and commerce. Whether you are an aspiring travel influencer, blogger, business owner or coach, we will help you find your purpose and build your brand.

We know how important it is to surround yourself with supportive and likeminded people, and the Pangea community is always there to help. Once you are a Pangea Dreams alumnus you’ll always have someone willing to give you advice or lend a helping hand when you need it. We are proud to connect women from all over the world and see them help each other grow.

Throw in the fact that our all-inclusive retreats are hosted in stunning locations all around the world, and you’ll not only come home with a head full of new knowledge, a mind full of certainty and a phone full of new friends. You’ll also be provided with top class content provided by our hosts and professional photographer.

So what are you waiting for?



“I started this retreat as I really felt as if there was something missing in the market to connect women entrepreneurs and women who wanted to take life into their own hands. It’s so special to see women from around the world coming together and connecting and empowering each other to follow their passions.” - Tracy Komlos