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There are two types of people when it comes to winter, those of us who hide under the covers when the temperature drops, and those who embrace the chill and jet off to cold-weather destinations. Whether you’re heading to Iceland or to Banff (or somewhere in between) here are 7 packing tips for winter travel.


Tip #1 – Leave your suitcase at home

Traveling to a snowy destination? You’re better off packing in a backpack.

Not only will dragging your rolling suitcase through snow get really old, really fast, but you’ll also risk ruining your luggage or opening it to discover everything you’ve packed is now wet.

Tip #2 – Waterproof spray

While you may feel fully prepared after buying all the waterproof gear on the market, it doesn’t hurt to protect your boots/jacket/bag from the elements by giving everything a good spray a few days before you leave.

It is especially important to re-waterproof as gear ages. (Tip: use a non-aerosol spray – it’s better for the environment!)

Tip #3 – Dress in layers

How are you supposed to pack light for cold weather travel when you need so many items to keep you warm?

The key to staying toasty as the temperature drops is to wear layers. Thermals are going to be your best friend during your winter travel – they’re lightweight, and serve as the perfect base layer under all of your outfits.

Tip #4 – Wear your snow boots on the plane (and any other bulky items)

They might not be the most stylish footwear you’ll ever own, but waterproof boots will keep you dry and keep you warm.

Wearing your boots onto the plane is a great way to save space in your luggage and avoid overweight baggage fees.

Tip #5 – Material matters

An extra layer doesn’t always mean extra warmth. Pay close attention to what your clothing is made of – especially your socks. Look for fabric with moisture-wicking abilities, specifically designed to keep you warm.

Tip #6 – Be prepared – Pack waterproof bags

At some point during your trip, you are going to need to pack up wet items of clothing.

Keep those wet gloves away from your last pair of clean underwear by putting them straight into a reusable waterproof bag.

Tip #7 – Pack bright colored hats and scarves

You’ll quickly discover when traveling to cold destinations that all of the cute outfits you planned and packed are hidden in photos by your very necessary winter jacket.

Keep your coat on and pack bright colored hats and scarves to switch up day-to-day.

Not only will these take up very little room in your bag, bright colors really pop against snowy scenes.



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