The first thing that comes to mind when somebody says Palm Springs is Coachella, rocky landscapes, hazy heat, and getting out of LA traffic. Palm Springs is a MOOD, and a big one at that. Gathering tens of thousands of people together a year for music festivals, with more boutique stays popping up every year, it’s the perfect desert escape.

My two favourite things when planning holidays are research (it might take up more time than the actual holiday itself), and outfit planning. Call me materialistic, but life’s more fun when it’s pretty! I’m going to Coachella for the music, but I’m going to look cute AF while I’m trying to dance (emphasis on trying).

The Pangea Dreams Alumni Retreat will be taking place at the end of January into early February when the weather is a high of 24 during the day, and low of 7 in the evenings. That’s two seasons in a day, so bring your check-in bag (as if you weren’t already 😉 ) 

On top of the obvious essentials, I’ve created a Palm Springs Packing List with all of my fashion MUST-HAVES (we’re going EXTRA here ladies)! 

Swimsuits (note – plural)

Always keep in mind where you are staying and work with your surroundings.

Location is EVERYTHING on a Pangea Dreams retreat, which is why you’ll be staying at the ever so aesthetically pleasing ‘The Saguaro’. 

Work with the colors in these swimsuits.

Sun Hat

Ditch the sun oil and buy the biggest hat you can fit through doors in.

Plus, it will make you look fabulous – maybe someone will mistake you for Palm Springs QUEEN Vanessa Hudgens.


Pangea Dreams is all about finding your TRUE AUTHENTIC SELF. 

So – if you want to wear a fluoro visor and kick up some dust in the desert, go for it!  

Fringe Belt

Unfortunately, it’s illegal to be nude in Palm Springs despite the heat. 

This Fringe Belt is the next closest thing, that will you have you fashionably shimmying all the way to your next shoot location. 


In-between workshops, yoga, feasting, more workshops, and general boss babe chat, find some time to enjoy the pool and slide from color-popping room to color-popping pool in some equally as color-popping Sandals!

Stomping Boots

Protect that Pedi that I know you got, and keep your perfectly painted toes away from the dust in some full coverage boots

Belt Bag

We’ve all been there. You left your pen in your room, your hard drive in your new besties room and wait, now you can’t find your room key. Show up to workshops on time and prepared.

Never lose a thing again with the no-longer-embarrassing-bum-bag-your-dad-wears-on-holiday, with the now practical-and-cool-belt-bag


Protect your skin, and smell like a holiday. 

As appealing as it is to stay in your room of pink hues all day, your Pangea sisters will have you out of it 99% of the time, so have that SPF 50 at the ready. 


Funboy floats are the PERFECT photo accessory. Get in that pool with your coconut margarita and let me take a fabulous photo of you. It simply wouldn’t be a Palm Springs Packing List without one!

Active Wear

Yogis assemble. Like on any other Pangea Retreat, you know you’ll be starting the day with zen yoga vibes so roll out of bed in your cutest active co-ord.


Reflect any bad energy, good vibes ONLY here at Pangea Dreams ladies. These sunnies should help!


Sometimes we must be practical, but let’s be chic while we do it.

Or use this chic towel to cover yourself when housekeeping comes around asking you to check out on Day 7 (sad face). 


If there is anything I took away from my Pangea Dreams retreat in Greece, it was to SHINE MY BRIGHTEST LIGHT on the world. 

Let the holy grail of glitter help you – these face jewels should do the trick!  

Hair Tint/Chalk

Dare to be different? If there was going to be a time, it’s NOW! #pinkhairdontcare

Head Bands / Head Pieces

Time to do your hair? HA. You know as well as I do that you will be squeezing in every last opportunity / second in the day for workshops, bonding, and content creation non-stop for the next 7 days.  So throw your hair up, slap on a head band and get back out there girl. 

Confetti Poppers

For no other reason than an epic photo opportunity, grab one of these confetti poppers and freeze that colorful explosion in time!

Are we having fun yet, or are we having fun yet? Start packing your bags, and see you in Palm Springs!!

Blog post written by Greece Retreat 2019 Alumna Madi Brauer. Find her on Instagram: @madisonjay_