Written by Ashley Pezzella

It looks like quarantines and social distancing practices are being extended across the world, and while this may result in a lot of stress, we must take this time to appreciate the good things we can do for ourselves in regard to self-care. This is a great time to work on things that bring you peace, relaxation, and joy, so let’s keep our positivity high and try and practice one of these suggestions every day!

1. Meditate

Our first suggestion is to take this time to jump into some form of meditation. While there are so many different ways to relax and take care of yourself, meditation is universally one of the best ways to calm your nerves and show your body and mind some love. If you have a hard time meditating and often find your mind wandering off, start with guided body scan meditations. They guide you step by step to ultimate relaxation. You can find these sessions on apps like Calm or Headspace. These apps are both subscription-based so if you are short of funds at the moment, Youtube also has great guided meditations! Here is one of my favorites that helps me relax in just 30 minutes. 

2. Love Your Body

Pangea Dreams, Self-Care While Social Distancing

This is such an uncertain time but one of the only things in our control is our well being. Get ready for that summer glow up because this is a perfect method of self-care while social distancing. Have you been looking to get your natural hair texture back but usually have to style it each day for work? Well now is the time to let your hair fly free and healthy! What about a workout you have been dying to try? Well now is the time.

Take the time out of your day to focus on you and your health & wellbeing. My sister and I were able to get creative and found different workouts and ways to exercise from apps like Sweat and even TikTok – those dances in themselves are workouts for sure!

3. Try Something New

Pangea Dreams, Self-Care While Social Distancing

When all else fails, take a step outside of your comfort zone and try something new! While some supplies are limited due to the inability to access things like fresh food, materials for crafts or workout equipment, You might have to get a little creative (which makes it even more compelling). As I am waiting out this quarantine with my sister, we have had Chopped competitions with the food that we have in the fridge, made crafts out of materials around the house (ours was wine corks) and just overall bonded with each other which has never fit into our schedules before.

Even if you don’t have a quarantine buddy, try to tap into your creative side and challenge yourself to try painting, drawing, writing, or any art form really. Creating any sort of art reduces the stress hormone called cortisol and also releases endorphins. So try something new and fun that you have never tried before because if there was ever a time, the time is now!

4. Celebrate The Small Victories

As we sign up for another 30 days of social distancing, the days will begin to morph together more and more by each day. It’s hard to stay motivated when each day seems to blend into the other, so the best way to help yourself is to try and accomplish a small thing each day. This will elevate your mood and help make you feel accomplished even in the comfort of your comfiest sweats.

For me, these small victories don’t all have to be work-related but just something that at the end of the day relaxes me or makes me feel good for accomplishing something. Finishing a puzzle or doing your makeup for fun may provide solace once you have completed them and that is exactly the point! It’s going to be hard and complicated this next month so to ease the stress try and accomplish small victories each and every day.

5. Treat Yourself

Pangea Dreams, Self-Care While Social Distancing

For some, self-care while social distancing might be on the other end of the spectrum where you’d rather indulge than fit in that new workout. And that is perfectly okay! So often we refrain from treating ourselves when we are set to our rigid busy schedule so make sure to spend some time experiencing the lush things in your life. Whether it is that glass of wine, a big bowl of mac and cheese, or a relaxing bubble bath, dip into the little luxuries that you can find in the comforts of your home.