Sheri from @sherivegas shares her experience of the Cambodia retreat in February 2018!

Why did you decide to join us on a retreat? What excited you most about the retreat?

I think what excited me most about going on the retreat was getting to meet a group of other ladies that shared the same interests as me. We were all there to learn as well as share our passions together.

What top 3 things did you learn while on the retreat?

The top 3 things that I took away from the retreat were

1. Light room editing 

2. How to approach brands 

3. How to add value to you as a brand. 

How did your life change after the retreat?

I feel like I’ve gained more confidence and really feel a spark to push my social media more, not give up and focus daily. 

Would you recommend the retreat to a friend or someone who is interested in joining us on a retreat?

Yes… It’s a great way to really boost your social media and hit the ground running. After doing the retreat you have a more defined brand and are more knowledgable in putting your new skill sets into action with a great support team behind you. 

What was a highlight from your trip?

It was getting to explore Cambodia with a great group of women and making creative contacts and alliances

How has your blog or Instagram grown since the retreat?

My Instagram has really started to find it’s style and I’ve started to see that work with my growth in followers. I was just under 1,400 at the retreat and in the space of 3 months I have grown by nearly 800 followers which I’m really happy with as I’m just getting started and that is around 30% growth. 

Did Pangea dreams set you up for success? What skills did you take away from the retreat?

Pangea does set you up for success and the support does not end when you leave the trip. I know that I can contact any of the ladies for advice and they are more than happy to help me out. 

Which workshop was your favourite and why?

I loved the branding and editing with Lightroom. 

Tell us about the photoshoots and content that was created while on the retreat!

I think I created several of my favourite instagram photos on this retreat. Learning more about how to use a camera manually has really given my instagram quality a lift. 

Outline your favourite day from the retreat. What did it consist of? Why was it your favourite?

I think Camilla’s birthday stands out for me as it was a very bonding day for all of the ladies and it was celebrated in a lovely relaxed way. 

How did it feel to be surrounded by other likeminded women? How did that motivate you? 

It’s so good to have a community of people that are passionate about the same things and have likeminded goals. It is also great now that I built these alliances and we can count on each other for help advice etc 

Did the retreat live up to your expectations? 

Yes, it was exactly what I was hoping for. I feel I have brushed all my skills and made some amazing lifelong friends