In this series we’re introducing you to some of the Pangea Dreams Retreat hosts so you can get to know them and how they make our retreats special! In this post, we are getting to know a special guest joining us exclusively for the September 2019 Bali Retreat – Sidney from @blacktraveljourney! 

So without further ado, let’s get to know Sidney!

1.) Sidney!!! We are SO excited for you to join us on the Pangea Dreams Canggu, Bali Retreat and represent Black Travel Journey! Can you tell our community what BTJ is all about?

Black Travel Journey is a boutique media agency and community of travelers that educates, encourages, and inspires millennials of color to become global citizens. Created as a direct response to the lack of diversity and inclusion in the travel and hospitality industry; our mission is to make the face of travel more inclusive and diverse through international partnerships and collaborations.

2.) What part of the Bali Retreat are you most excited for?

I am most excited about building long term friendships with like-minded entrepreneurial women. The people you surround yourself with can either inspire you or make you content with your current situation. If you are the hardest working one in your group, it may be time to socialize with other women that inspire you the way you encourage those around you!

3.) As an industry expert, can you tell our community what you’ll be teaching on the Bali Retreat?

My session covers a dynamic duo that every solopreneur should make a priority; Advance Strategies to Grow Email List & Digital Products. The reason these two are the perfect dynamic duo for solopreneurs is the ability to automate, segment, and personalize your product offering. Two questions I hear often include “How do I monetize my knowledge and content” and “How do I scale my business.” My session explores the untapped advanced strategies to dramatically increase email signs ups and creating low-cost digital products to create a passive income stream. The most exciting part? I will show you how to do it with automation workflows because working smarter not harder should always be a priority.

4.) What do you think has led to your success as a female entrepreneur and the creator of Black Travel Journey?

My thirst for knowledge and belief of consistent, measurable, personal, and professional development has turned me into the best student and teacher I could ever be. I’d also say: Having enough wisdom to understand that the only thing keeping me from reaching my dream is the knowledge of how to create my strategy and patience not to lose faith. This wisdom kept me humble through 2 years of no monetary gains from my brand. Success is rarely overnight when embarking on a journey such as starting a brand. I’ve always told myself it’s going to be one of the hardest things I do but one of the most rewarding. 

5.) What would you say to all the aspiring female entrepreneurs, bloggers, influencers, and creators out there?

Speak Up, Speak with Confidence, Speak Unapologetically. Often times, our soft-spoken, socially agreeable, and indirect “request” leaves the impression of low confidence & uncertainty. As women, we have to purposefully rewire our speech patterns when speaking on our brands and products. If you talk about your brand like it “maybe” or “probably is” a great solution your customers walk away with a feeling of uncertainty. Don’t be afraid to be more competitive in conversations, speak with authority, dominate conversations, make demands, and disagree when necessary. Watch how soon the authoritative way you speak will demand the respect our male counterparts receive effortlessly and change the way feel about talking about your passion.