Growing on Instagram is at the top of the list of many photographers, bloggers and other women running their own brand or business. It’s a great place to build a community that is passionate about the same things as you. It’s also the ultimate platform to find inspiration for upcoming trips, clothes, interior decoration and more. Since the platform just keeps growing (and evolving), it’s hard to keep up with how to keep building your community and growing your followers. However, there are some strategies for growth that are evergreen, and will never go off fashion (regardless of what the algorithm throws your way). In this post we want to share our top 3 evergreen strategies for Instagram growth!



There is a reason this gets repeated a lot, and it is as important as ever. When visiting a profile, the first things your eyes drift to are their photos, and you’ll notice the quality of their feed right away. Just like you can tell when a photo has been snapped with unsteady hands and uploaded immediately without concern, so can your potential followers. So by putting a little extra effort into your Instagram posts you’ll go a long way.

Learning how to take high quality photos and editing them to fit your aesthetic are two important parts of our retreats for a reason; it matters when it comes to growth. So start thinking of how you want your feed to look, the colour scheme, the aesthetic, and so on. Have a look at influencers you admire, and try to find the common thread in their photos. What draws you to them?

Once you have put a little more purpose into your account, and only post high quality content that you love, you’ll not only start seeing your account grow, but you’ll also feel more accomplished and proud of your account.


Now, Instagram is a very curated place. Just above we encourage you to put effort into your photos and stick to a consistent theme across your feed. It may seem as if everything on Instagram is perfect and unachievable, but what if we told you that there is still a way to be goofy, share those less fortunate photos (everyone loves a good #PhotoFail) and just be yourself?

All this action is happening in your stories!

So while you may be quite strict with what you post on your feed, you can use your stories to talk to your followers makeup-free, share topics that interest you, ask them questions, and really build your community. This is where they can see the real you, and feel as if they know who they are following. It’s easy for them to reply to your stories via DM, and many people prefer this to commenting (not saying you should stop commenting). So make sure to use your stories throughout your day, share whatever is on your mind, and just be genuine.


With so much focus on growth, it’s easy to assume that this only means follower growth. But actually, growing your community is just as important. Instagram is all about making connections, and you’ll find that it is much more valuable to have 5000 followers and get 500 likes and 70 comments on each photo, than having 15k and getting less than 100 likes. So make sure you focus on your community from the get go!

One great way to do this is to keep it personal. Share personal stories on your stories, share insight into your life on your feed, and keep your account YOU.

When people leave comments on your posts, head to their account and like a few photos back. If their name is in their bio, use it when replying! You have no idea how exciting it is to have someone comment back “Thank you, Sara! I really appreciate it!”. In addition to this, try keeping the conversation going. Ask the commenter what fun plans they have for the day, or something relating to the caption. This is a great way to start building genuine connections with your followers, and will in turn strengthen your community.

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We hope you found these Instagram growth strategies to be helpful, and that you’ll see results when you start implementing them! Don’t forget that Instagram should be a place for inspiration and fun, and it should never seem like a chore. If you stick to these evergreen strategies, we are sure you’ll be excited every time you open the app, and look forward to reading your DMs and replying to comments.

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