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“Since the retreat, I've actually been able to make a stable career out of my Instagram and working with brands. My photos from the retreat + the lessons I took away on how to create content completely transformed the quality and aesthetic of my Instagram. This ended up opening so many doors for me when it came to working with brands I genuinely love. Also, the retreat opened me up to a whole new business, which was content creation. Since the retreat, I've worked with 7 different brands on creating portfolios of content for their social media/websites! Because of this new service I offer, I'm at a point now where I can both fund my travels and make money while traveling, which has long been a dream of mine!”




 "I don't even have to think twice about recommending The Retreat. Really, anyone who is looking to expand their network, and take their blog or social media to the next level should attend. For me, it was the perfect jumping off point for kicking my content creation into high gear and creating a more professional, branded social media and blogging presence"


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"When I arrived at the Pangea Dreams Retreat in Nicaragua I had an idea that I'd like to do more than just share my travels with family and friends, but I was completely unsure of which direction to take and how to achieve it. Over the course of a week I had both personal strategy sessions with Tracy and empowering group workshops to guide my direction and aesthetic. From Instagram engagement strategies and collaboration workshops, to beachside photography classes and exploring the local area, the retreat offered it all! Learning from the experts and the girls at the Pangea Dreams Retreat was inspiring, empowering and uplifting - it gave me the support and knowledge I needed to chase my dreams!" 



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Traveling to Bali and being part of the Pangea Dreams retreat was a dream! The best part? How welcoming, supportive and collaborative this whole community is to each other. It was an absolute pleasure spending time with the amazing ladies on the retreat” 





“I left the retreat feeling inspired, reenergized and driven to make my goals a reality! Not only did I learn how to create and be my own brand, but I also gained a team of supportive, strong women and the confidence to chase all my career goals—Instagram, travel blogging and beyond. The skills we learned during our week in Bali are invaluable!”


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“My heart is overflowing with passion to follow my dreams and admiration for my fellow creatives and travel bloggers. Bali has been incredibly magical and I cannot be more grateful for this whole experience. A huge thank you to the Pangea Dreams team for their time and hard work to make this all possible!  I cannot wait to see where all our future adventures take us”