Each retreat is different. The girls are unique, the hosts may be different, and the accommodation is picked especially for each retreat. On our March 2018 Bali retreats we stayed in a villa just 20 minutes North of Ubud, in the midst of the Balinese rainforest. 

Since we enjoyed our stay so much, and had such an incredible time at Villa Atas Awan, we wanted to share this experience with you!

Staying in Villa Atas Awan

For our two Bali retreats Pangea Dreams checked into Villa Atas Awan. The villa has 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms and a beautiful layout surrounding two infinity pools. You can imagine our excitement as we walked around the villa looking for places to shoot!

The villa consists of two ‘treehouses’, each with 3-4 bedrooms. The pool separates the two treehouses, and the bridge in between was one of our favourite spots to photograph! With the Balinese rainforest in the back and the beautiful gardens of the villa in the front, there was no angle that could make you look bad!

The rooms at Villa Atas Awan

As mentioned, there were 7 bedrooms in the villa, each with direct access to a bathroom. They were double bedrooms, some with single beds and some with a double. All beds had gorgeous ‘princess-style’ mosquito wrappings surrounding them, making you feel like you were going to bed in a castle like a true royal.

Every night the staff would turn down the room for the evening, which included surrounding the bed with the mosquito nets, making the room look fit for a queen. 

The open layout of the villa means that every bedroom leads outside. Because of this, you will fall asleep to the sounds of the rainforest outside, and there is no better meditation app or white noise machine. Each girl shared how well they were sleeping in the villa, mainly due to the super comfortable beds and the sounds of nature surrounding you.

If you are a fan of a nice outdoor bathroom (Bali must specialise in them!), you’ll find the most magical outdoor shower in Villa Atas Awan. In addition to a massive indoor bath tup with major views of the surrounding rainforest, one of the bathrooms of the villa boasts a stunning shower – perfect for photo shoots!

The service at Villa Atas Awan

We couldn’t be happier with the lovely staff helping us out every day in our Bali home. Cooking us 3 meals a day, keeping everything clean and tidy, and ensuring we had everything we needed at all times. They really made the experience amazing, and we were so grateful to them all.

Did we mention that the villa had 24 hour security? Another perk that reminded us of how incredible the staff were. This also meant we had someone to call when a frog managed to find it’s way into one of the bedrooms while the door was left open! 

The shooting locations at Villa Atas Awan

As mentioned above, we loved the bridge between the two treehouses of the villa (see the video below for a better understanding of what we mean). In addition to this, and to the outdoor bathrooms, there were countless of extremely Instagrammable areas in the villa, which will become clear to you if you head on over and follow them on Instagram. There were the infinity pools (of course), the beautiful gardens, the porch areas (complete with a hammock!), and even the road in front of the villa turned out to be an epic shot!

So, in addition to all the reasons we love Bali, Villa Atas Awan definitely makes the list. The friendly staff, beautiful bedrooms and epic scenery surrounding it (we are talking rice field views on one side and rainforest on the other) all made it the perfect pick for us.

We couldn’t have made a better choice, and are so happy with our time at Villa Atas Awan. I mean, looking at this video; can you blame us? 

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