After hosting our first blogger retreat in Bali we’ve been back several times. The Bali retreat is super popular amongst both hosts and participants, and with good reason! There is just something about the spirit of this island that keeps us coming back. In 2018 we are hosting 2 retreats in Bali, and with one successfully completed together with a group of super inspiring boss babes, we now look forward to the next one.

Many travel bloggers, influencers and digital nomads flock to Bali to meet friends, relax, get some work done, or for exciting brand collaborations. You’ll find communities of international visitors in Ubud, Canggu and other places on the island. Bali is such a gem, especially for aspiring influencers and inspiring boss babes, so we keep going back for more. So, since we will never tire of Bali, we decided to put together this post of just why we love this beautiful island.


The spirit & nature

Bali is a special place, where culture, religion and nature all blend together. The people of Bali are some of the kindest you will meet, and their unique culture is fascinating and beautiful. In Bali you will find little handmade offerings wherever you go, locals that are more than happy to explain their traditions and let you partake in them, and breathtaking scenery surrounding you everywhere. The famous rice fields really are as stunning in real life as they look in photos, and Bali is home to some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

In Bali you can fall asleep to the sounds of nature and wake up with the sun, feeling relaxed and ready to take on a new day. The serenity surrounding you in this place makes it perfect for our retreats, especially since we love focusing on wellness and balance as well as information and knowledge! Anyone visiting will realise how special the spirit of Bali is.

The villas

Bali is famous for its many villas to rent, and it is more common to join your friends for a villa rental than staying in a hotel when visiting the island. The luxury villas in Bali makes our retreats extra special, as the girls sleep, eat, play and learn all under the same roof! Whether you want to be by the beach, close to the airport or in the middle of the rainforest – you’ll be able to find a villa in Bali!

On our recent Bali retreat we stayed in Villa Atas Awan, and we had such an amazing time. If you book a stay with them, make use to quote discount code PANGEA10 for 10% off your booking! We loved staying there, and couldn’t recommend it enough. Watch this space for a full review coming soon too!

Can you see why we loved it in this villa?

The brands

Another reason we love Bali is because the island is home to some really amazing brands, hotels and businesses! Every time we travel to Bali we discover new brands to shop or collaborate with. These collaborations are what makes all of our retreats so special, as each participant will be able to add international brands on their list of partners simply by going on a Pangea Dreams Retreat!

We love giving back and discovering local brands to work with, and Bali is an island full of inspiring and sustainable brands we are proud to work with and share with the girls on the retreat.

The memories

Seriously, all the beautiful memories we have made in Bali are reason enough to go back again and again. We have met countless amazing women, learned from established influencers, worked with amazing hotels and brands, and made memories to last a lifetime! Each retreat is different and special in its own way, and this is mainly because of the unique groups of women who have joined. We can’t wait to make more memories in Bali in October, and in our future retreats on the island!

The bonding opportunities

When it comes to opportunities to bond with the other women on the retreat, Bali really brings it. From scouting out the best shooting locations at the rice terraces, to hiking Mount Batur at sunrise, the girls on the Bali retreat always leave with new, lifelong friendships in their pockets. Our Alumni is a family of inspiring go-getters, and the reason we are all so close is that we share memories and moments from the retreats that only a fellow Pangea babe can relate to. We love traveling to Bali because of all the little moments allowing the girls to bond and discover themselves by getting to know others.

Tell us; have you been to Bali? Is it on your list?

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