It’s no secret that we have some serious bucket list destinations on our list of retreats, and our latest edition is no exception! From Greece to Bali, all our destinations are carefully chosen due to their natural beauty, incredible culture and inspiring environments for the women attending the Pangea Dreams retreat. Each destination colours each retreat, and help give the women unique experiences. That’s why we are so excited every time we add a new destination to our list!

We head to Peru for the first time in 2019, and we wanted to share with you just how special this destination is, and some of the reasons why it has been added to our list of retreats. So keep reading to find out exactly why we love Peru, and why this destination makes our retreats so special.

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Peru is a beautiful country in South America, and one where you’ll find it all. Vibrant cities, beautiful natural parks, and a proximity to nature many people dream of. The official tagline of the Peru tourism board is “The richest country in the world”, and they don’t mean in cash. If riches is measured in breathtaking sceneries, unique experiences and harmony with nature, then Peru truly is the richest country in the world. With so many things to discover and see, we know Peru will create a truly special backdrop for our retreats, and provide the women joining us with an incredible and memorable experience.

The harmony with nature

Peru is home to such a vast natural scenery that it’s hard to know where to start. From the famous Andes mountains to stunning beaches, there is something for every traveller to explore in Peru. Miles and miles of rainforest stretch before you in the Amazon, and there are some absolutely unforgettable natural experiences to be had. This access to, and harmony with, nature is one of our absolute favourite things about Peru!

The people of Peru have been living in synchronisation with natures for centuries, taking advantage of what they can find, shielding themselves from their surroundings when needed, and learning to balance life and nature in a way that is nothing short of inspiring.

The unique experiences

As mentioned, some of the most unique places in the world can be found in Peru. The Amazon River is the biggest in the world, and cannot be experienced in any other place. Hiking the Andes Mountains is the same. But did you know that there are also deserts in Peru? And that you can jump in a buggy and go on a proper desert safari? Did you also know that the Áncash Region contains one of the most extensive tropical mountain ranges in the world? Or that you can visit historic cities located at the base of volcanic mountains?

There is so much to explore and discover in Peru, and every single experience cannot be had in any other place. This is a truly unique country, in every way.

The incredible culture

We all know of Machu Picchu, the beautiful historic city of the Inka people. The Inka Empire was one of the most sophisticated and largest civilisations in America, and has left its mark on Peru in more ways than the famous Machu Picchu. Through millennias of history, the Peruvian culture has grown and adapted, and what is left today is nothing short of unique. From the gastronomy to the buildings that are still standing after centuries, there are traces of thousands of years of history in this place, and visiting Peru will leave you with countless memories and impressions to last a lifetime.

The Bucket List Locations

Who hasn’t dreamt of visiting Sacred Valley or go canoeing on the Amazon River? We bet that if you have a bucket list of travel experiences, at least one of them can be crossed off your list in Peru. Whether your main goal is to visit Macchu Picchu or an ancient tribe in the Amazon, Peru is the country that needs to be on your list. That’s why we are so excited to bring a bunch of incredible women together there to start working on their dreams! Can you imagine a better place to host our retreats than somewhere we can actually fulfil our dreams? It’s time to create some memories, and Peru is the right place for it.

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