One of our new destinations of 2018 is Thailand, and this is a retreat we are super excited for! For starters, Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles – how cool is that? The country is a destination for visitors, and whether you are hoping a calm and quiet beach getaway with the family or an action-packed weekend with your friends, staying in a remote island with your significant other, or to spend your days shopping in Bangkok, you’ll find the right trip for you. As you can tell, Thailand has a lot to offer, and that’s just one of the few reasons why we love the Land of Smiles!

Thailand has long been known for its breathtaking nature, stunning photo ops and the warm welcome everywhere you go. It is also a popular destination for focusing on mental and physical wellbeing. Photos from the beautiful beaches and temples of Phuket have been all over Instagram for years, and we can’t imagine a better place to teach actionable strategies for personal branding and content creation, practice yoga daily, and explore the beautiful country with like-minded women!

5 Reasons we love Thailand

Below we cover some of the reasons we are so in love with Thailand, and why we are so excited to be heading there for a retreat! It truly is such an incredible country, and we hope you agree!


The beaches

This one was too good to exclude from the list. From Phuket to Krabi, to Koh Samui and Koh Phi Phi (you know, that famous one), the beaches you find across Thailand are nothing short of stunning. Pristine waters, white sand, palm trees and fresh coconuts, there is nothing better. What better place to soak up the sun and get some good old vitamin D than on the beautiful beaches of Thailand? Some of the best beaches in Asia are said to be found in the land of smiles, and we can’t wait to find out. You’ll find busy beaches with lots of action and activities, and you can also head off the beaten path to find beaches that only the locals know about. So, whatever floats your boat (get it?), Thailand has you covered.


The islands

You know those wide angled images you see in movies of islands sticking up of the incredible water? That’s probably Thailand. The waters of Thailand are specked with beautiful and unique islands, and they all have something to offer. Some will take you completely off the grid to a ‘Beach’ like getaway, while others will have you right in the middle of the action. Regardless of where you go in Thailand, you’re likely to be near the ocean, and heading out on a boat for a day to do some exploring is a must! You can go snorkelling around islands that are so small no one lives there, swim through caves that reveal secret lagoons far away from everyone else, or find a resort island to enjoy a cold drink on the beach. The islands of Thailand have so much left for you to discover!


The stunning nature

We know, we know, we have just listed two things that should have just been under this heading. But the beaches and islands of Thailand are so special they deserve their own sections in this post. And then there’s the rest of the nature. Thailand has forests, waterfalls, mountainous areas and fields to make you catch your breath, and around every corner is something new to discover. This country is called the Land of Smiles due the incredibly happy people that live there, but it should also be because you’ll struggle leaving without a smile on your face!

The culture

The Thai culture is vast and fascinating, and will leave quite the impression. From the food (covered below) and the family traditions to the national costumes and statues, there is something incredibly special about the culture in Thailand. One of the things that makes the Thai culture so incredible is the focus on family. Family always comes first, and you’ll notice that their focus is much more on the extended family than we are used to. In fact, there is actually no word for ‘cousin’ in the Thai language, and people will refer to their cousins as either sister or brother! To us, that is so beautiful, especially as we view our Pangea alumni as family <3 


The food

Continuing on the focus on family, Thai cooking is another way to express the importance of culture in Thailand, and another reason we love the country so much! The dishes found across Thailand have strong aromatic components and a spicy edge, which we love. There is a reason Thai food is so popular all over the world, right? In 2017, several Thai dishes even made it onto CNN Travel’s list of the World’s Best Food! So we know it’s not just us. We love the variety of Thai food, and the healthy options that come along with it. Whether you are looking for some local street food or want to find some healthy dishes, it’s easy to satisfy your cravings when it comes to Thai food.


There you have some of the reasons we absolutely adore Thailand, and we hope we have inspired you to visit! Have you been to Thailand yourself? What did you love most about the country? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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