Greece, with its beautiful blue waters, many islands and fascinating culture is on many bucket lists around the world – ours included! There is just something about this European country, and with movies like Mamma Mia and My Big Fat Greek Wedding, our wanderlust for Greece just increases. There are countless islands to explore, and you can spend forever travelling between them by boat. Many people spend their summer island hopping around Greece, but there is also lots to see on the mainland! Athens is a beautiful city, full of life, history and culture, and yet another reason to visit Greece!

With so many incredible aspects to this summer, you can imagine we were SO excited to announce our first ever retreat in Greece in 2019! And since it’s such a PERFECT retreat destination, we wanted to share some of the top reasons why we love Greece, and why we know you’ll fall in love with it too.

5 Reasons we love Greece

#1 The colours

We mean, just look at the photo from Santorini above. Have you ever seen colours like that in a destination? The famous blue and white villages stretching down the cliffs to the beautiful blue waters are just the tip of the Greek ice berg, and there are tons of colourful destinations to explore in Greece! There are whole villages painted in terracotta and yellow, plenty of classic islands all in white and blue, and even different coloured beaches! Did you know that there are black sand beaches on Santorini, for example?

#2 The people

When we think of Greece, we think of kind, sweet people, open to share their culture and welcome visitors to their country. The natural beauty of the country is breathtaking, of course, but the most incredible think about Greece is how welcoming the people are, and how eager they are to share the beauty around them.

Family is very important in Greek culture, and you know our community of Pangea Dreams alumni is a family too <3

(Curious? Meet our alumni here!)

#3 The water

Greece is based in the Mediterranean Ocean in Southern Europe, with over 1200 islands scattered around the ocean. They are all unique, and the waters are just divine. From the deep blue, perfect for diving and exploring by boat, to the crystal clear waters, ideal for snorkelling and getting those #InstaShots. There is just something in the water in Greece, and we want to jump in! Whether you’re after a refreshing dip, a proper workout, or just want to enjoy the sun setting in the ocean, you’ll love Greece.

#4 The food

Did you say tzatziki and feta cheese? Yes, please! Greek food is reason enough to visit, and the cuisine has so many different flavours to devour. Naturally, you’ll fint yourself gorging on incredible food. From gyros to the classic Greek salad, there’s something for everyone. And let’s not even begin to talk about the Feta Me Meli (feta cheese baked in a pastry with honey – the perfect treat).

#5 The history and culture

There are some countries that have a more fascinating background than others, and Greece is one of them. The history from Ancient Greece is well known, and traces from this civilisation can still be found today. Greek philosophy was world-famous, even then, and some of the greatest thinkers in history came from Greece. Greek culture deeply influenced the Roman empire, which in turn, became the basis of the Western culture we know today!

And let’s not even begin to talk about Greek mythology. Herkules, Zeus and Aphrodite are all well-known names, centuries later. Traces of Greek mythology can also be found around the islands of Greece, and on the mainland, and makes exploring the country so much fun!

Have you been to Greece? Do you want to visit? Tell us what you love about the country!

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