A while back we shared some incredible words from our alumni in honour of having over 100 incredible women in our alumni family! Just in case you missed it, you can read the post here. It is absolutely amazing to see these women bond during the retreats, stay in touch after, and continuously support and push each other forward. They meet up in locations all around the world, travel together, and have formed a strong community of support that we could never even imagined! We are so proud to see how far they have all come. Some have quit their 9-5 jobs, some have started making money from their social media and content creation, others are published writers for online magazines, and more! Seeing them succeed in so many different ways shows us that there are so many roads to success, and we are really proud that we get to be a part of and support their journeys.

With all these women killing it all over the world, we love seeing that they take their time to support each other and the Pangea Dreams community! Whether it’s through a shoutout on their Instagram stories or retreat recaps on their blog, it warms our hearts to see the words they have for us. And so we have collected some of them in order to share them with you here!


“Traveling, creating & visioning with like-minded spirits creates a bond that is so strong and timeless & I feel so blessed to support others to live that dream too.”
– @laurahamesfranklin

“I would have never thought that meeting up with a bunch of women I didn’t know on the other side of the world would be one of the greatest things I have ever done.”

“The retreat changed my life in so many ways. I got to hone my skills and take my content creation and photography to the next level. I met and connected with inspiring women who I will forever call my friends, and I can’t believe how easily we all bonded in just a week. That really is some of the magic of Pangea Dreams.”

“I left the retreat feeling inspired, reenergized and driven to make my goals a reality! Not only did I learn how to create and be my own brand, but I also gained a team of supportive, strong women and the confidence to chase all my career goals—Instagram, travel blogging and beyond. The skills we learned during our week in Bali are invaluable!”

“Coming here was one of the best things I’ve done this year!! I’m super grateful for @tracy_komlos and all these women, for life, for the opportunity to learn and grow, for maturity and most of all for being human.”
– @elibellaureano

“Love soaking up the sun, learning and growing with these beauties! It is so refreshing to know that there are so many inspiring, powerful and kind women in the world who all have the same passions in life: to live, to love, to travel, to grow into our best selves and to support each other!! ”

“When I returned from the retreat two weeks ago, I felt a focus and drive in my business that I never had before. Since then, I’ve developed and have started marketing an eBook and traveled to Cuba with a girl I met on retreat. The biggest thing for me, is that I feel connected to my purpose and I believe that I can accomplish my goals.”

“Pangea Dreams in itself is special because these women became a family that continues to support each other even all the way across the globe.”
– @worldly.maven

“The @pangeadreams retreat in Cambodia was a turning point for me when I got to meet incredible ladies from all over the world doing amazing, creative things with this forum and learning and sharing with them. For anyone who’s getting started here, or even been doing this for a while but looking for opportunity for real connection, I highly recommend attending one of their retreats.”

“I had the most amazing first time in Bali and couldn’t have imagined better two weeks. From the @pangeadreams retreat to soaking up so much knowledge and meeting so many life long friends, it has been a fulfilling time and incredible experience.”

“Being surrounded by like-minded women who are supportive and encouraging was the best part of the retreat. We all want each other to succeed and it is so empowering to have people cheering you on constantly and motivating you to turn your dreams into reality.”

“I connected to some absolutely incredible and creative females and learned more than I could’ve imagined about how to successfully represent my brand online, build a business, and believe that I could do it.”

We are loving these quotes, and we love these women! It makes us so happy to hear about the impact we have had, and how these women have all gone on to continue working on their dreams and achieving the lifestyles they want! We are so proud of them all! If you want more, make sure to follow us on Instagram, where we often share words from our alumni, and where our alumni even do story takeovers when they are travelling together and meeting up!

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