As you may know, we have welcomed over 100 amazing women into our family of alumni, and after every retreat we get their feedback and testimonials to help potential alumni make their decision. What our alumni share across their channels and in their testimonials for our website is so special to read, and more often than not bring tears to our eyes.

All alumni testimonials are published on the blog here, and you can find them all by following this link to the blog category. In addition, you can find an overview of all the alumni who have shared their testimonials, along with information about their locations, professions and follower numbers at the time of their retreat. We have chosen to share their testimonials in this way so you can truly see how many different women have come together through our retreats, and that there is no true recipe for the perfect participant.

See an overview of some of our alumni here!

Now, because our alumni share their experiences and thoughts after the retreats with their own communities, we wanted to share some of their words with you as well. These are just the tip of the ice berg, though, so make sure to follow #PangeaDreams on Instagram to see all photos posted from our retreats!

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“Pangea Dreams changed my life tremendously when I was an attendee 1.5 years ago, and I’m feeling that same change on an even deeper level this time as a retreat host. I’ve felt so inspired witnessing all the women tackle all the workshops and go after their goals. I went to bed each night with my heart SO full it could burst!!! I’m coming out of this week with a completely new appreciation for my career and the people it’s brought into my life!” – @light.travels

“I don’t think that anyone can truly grasp what this experience is until they experience it themselves. I feel like I’ve been living the majority of my life running away from my future and shying away from the possibilities. I’ve always gone for what is easy and comfortable. I always knew that there was something more but I was always too scared to take that next step. I’m so lucky to have been part of it. I found it daunting and just accepted the fact that I would work a 9-5 job that didn’t really fit me but would bring in money. I know that that is no longer the case. I no longer am so down on myself when comparing myself to my siblings because I now have direction and am starting to see my worth. So much of that has been nourished by you and the amazing group of women that Pangea brought together.” – @girl.meets.globe

“I have to say I wish I could be on a Pangea Dreams retreat forever – the positive energy, the collaboration between girls, the CONTENT, the advice from influencers in the industry that I look up to, and more. Pangea Dreams really took me to the next level. Since the retreat I have been growing so much faster than I ever was before and felt comfortable reaching out to other content creators in NYC. I am more confident now than I have been in I don’t know how long. Female empowerment and sisterhood of this journey has been my favorite part!” – @shaunieandthecity

“Climbing up is easier with help, even though it is definitely doable on your own. But let me tell you, there is nothing lonelier than hanging up there alone. Living a different kind of life gets lonely and challenging, you constantly question everything you do and wonder if you truly are that crazy person everyone seems to look at when they see you. Climbing Mount Batur alongside the Pangea Dreams girls made it all very clear: there is nothing like getting to the top with likeminded women who want to support you and lift you up. And there is more than enough room for everyone up there. Companionship and support are better than competition.” – @samkat

“I’ve been putting off starting my travel blog for the longest time, not knowing if people would actually be interested in reading about my adventures. I was so uninspired. Then a month ago, my life changed. It’s all thanks to Pangea Dreams and the 13 lovely women I met during our retreat in Bali, the most heavenly place on Earth. From now I’m putting myself out there in hopes that my never-ending wanderlust can continue to inspire you and spread a little positivity into your day.” – @wordly.maven

“My heart is brimming with gratitude, inspiration & a touch of sadness to have experienced the most magical week ever with these amazing women. The week is over, but now the adventure truly begins as we take the magic and bring it into our futures. I can honestly say I have new best friends, inspired dreams and plans to travel to new places with fresh eyes and travel companions. You really can do anything & together we’re going to change the world!” – @laurahamesfranklin

How incredible are these quotes? We are so happy that our alumni feel so strongly about each retreat, and so proud of the community of incredible women we have created. From meeting up worlds away from their homes for photo shoots, helping each other score a collaboration, or being a helping hand (or message) in a time of need. There truly are no words to describe our community!

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